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Tidy Bingo Supports Help For Heroes

Posted by: BingoGal - Tuesday, Mar. 18th 2014 7:25 AM

In February of this year Tidy Bingo launched their standalone room, a room available exclusively for players at the site and the first to be opened across the 15 Network. With the new room came a new promotion called Tidy and The Troops and a great concept following on from a Christmas donation to troops in Afghanistan from this bingo site. Recently there has been a slight change to the original idea but the concept remains the same, it is simply the recipients of the charitable donations have changed to Help For Heroes.

In December 2013 Tidy Bingo were contacted by a serving regiment in Afghanistan for donations of bingo dabbers and tickets, a request that was met along with prizes of iTunes vouchers and chocolates. It was here that the idea for Tidy and The Troops was born.

Since February 25th the first game at 7pm on a Tuesday and a Friday in the Tidy Cupboard (the standalone room) has been a Tidy and the Troops game – £50 guaranteed jackpot and 25p tickets. 200 tickets have to be sold to cover the jackpot on offer and then any tickets sold over and above that generate donations to the charity. To date £154.00 has been raised.

Originally it was planned that the money raised would be used to send creature comforts to the regiment that originally contacted Tidy. However, despite numerous attempts to contact them, only one email was received in response and management felt that to ensure continuity for the players and transparency, a well-known charity would be a more suitable choice for the promotion and what better than Help for Heroes.

As we have said, the concept remains the same; it is simply where the money is being sent that has changed. Will you be popping along and spending 25p for a chance to win £50 AND support Help for Heroes at

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