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Charity Chews With Lollipop Bingo

Tuesday, Jul. 28th 2015 7:40 AM

Lollipop Bingo may only still be a baby in the world of online bingo, although no longer the newest brand to launch on the 15 Network, but whilst still in its infancy, it still has some great exclusive offers available for its players. We’ve already looked at the Birthday Buns, the Lollipop Loot and the Lucky Licker so today we turn our attention to the Charity Chews at the site, a promotion that does just as the name suggests.

Lollipop Bingo launched with the Charity Chews promotion in place, a promo that sees a worthy cause earning donations from the Pay Day jackpot game that happens across the network on the last day of every month. The next game is on 31st July at 8pm and tickets cost 50p each with a prize fund of £1,000.

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Troops Update At Tidy Bingo

Tuesday, Mar. 17th 2015 7:50 AM

It’s Tuesday and for fans of our brand, Tidy Bingo, this means the chance to win a share of a £50 guaranteed jackpot in the standalone room at our site. You’ll be competing with just Tidy players for a chance to win a share of the 90 ball jackpot but also you’ll be making a contribution towards a very worthy cause – Help For Heroes!

Tickets are on sale now at just 25p each and just 200 have to be sold to create the £50 jackpot. Any tickets over the 200 that are sold at Tidy Bingo are creating the kitty that will be donated to Help For Heroes. Since we started the promotion in February 2015 we have raised over £1,500 for the charity and each week more is added as players continue to buy tickets. We’ve upped the ante a little now too, there’s a third benefit to playing the Tidy and The Troops game….

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Christmas Chaos With Tidy Bingo

Thursday, Dec. 11th 2014 7:33 AM

At Tidy Bingo, our very own brand, we love the festive season and not just because it means we get presents! What we love is the chance to spoil our players and this is what we are doing as Christmas approaches. The ongoing promotion for December is Santa’s Sack and your chance to win a prize a day but we’re also going to be hosting our very own party. We’ve named the event Christmas Chaos and the fun starts in the Tidy Cupboard (our standalone room) at 7pm on Tuesday 23rd December.

As usual the Tidy and the Troops game plays at 7pm with donations made to the Help for Heroes charity and the chance to win a share of the £50 prize pool from Tidy Bingo. Just a few minutes later and the ‘chaos’ kicks off….

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Marie Curie Is Just Tickety Boo

Monday, Jun. 2nd 2014 7:17 AM

We all know what fantastic work the Marie Curie nurses do, and now you can support this great cause via Tickety Boo Bingo, owned by the charity itself. Charity Bingo is big business and many bingo sites operate Just Giving funds, but for this new bingo site they are completely owned by the charity, cutting out all the middle men and raising as much as possible!

The site launched back in February but if you haven’t checked it out yet it’s well worth a visit, particularly if cancer care is close to your heart. The bingo site is operated by the Dragonfish software and runs on the network of the same name, but far from being another network site, Tickety Boo Bingo really is changing the game when it comes to charity bingo.

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Tidy Bingo Supports Help For Heroes

Tuesday, Mar. 18th 2014 7:25 AM

In February of this year Tidy Bingo launched their standalone room, a room available exclusively for players at the site and the first to be opened across the 15 Network. With the new room came a new promotion called Tidy and The Troops and a great concept following on from a Christmas donation to troops in Afghanistan from this bingo site. Recently there has been a slight change to the original idea but the concept remains the same, it is simply the recipients of the charitable donations have changed to Help For Heroes.

In December 2013 Tidy Bingo were contacted by a serving regiment in Afghanistan for donations of bingo dabbers and tickets, a request that was met along with prizes of iTunes vouchers and chocolates. It was here that the idea for Tidy and The Troops was born.

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