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Trick Or Treat At Rocket Bingo

Friday, Oct. 6th 2017 4:53 AM

Now that Film Bingo have sadly closed their doors, it’s time for you to try some of the other sites on the 15 Network. A great place to start would be Rocket Bingo, because they are one of the brands that go out of their way to ensure their players are always happy. They achieve this through a range of exciting promotions including this month’s Halloween themed Trick or Treat.

Rocket Bingo’s Trick or Treat promotion comes in the form of a slots tournament and it’s running throughout October. To join in the fun, you simple need to log in to your account and choose to play one of their featured games; White Wizard or Sugar Train. As you do, you will accumulate prize draw entries for that week’s prize draw.

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January Sales At Sky Bingo

Tuesday, Jan. 5th 2016 7:52 AM

Can you believe that it’s 2016 already? It does not seem like five minutes since we were all running around like headless chickens, trying to get organised for Christmas, and now here we are heading back to work and having to watch every penny until pay day. Sky Bingo appreciate that funds can be a little tight after the festive celebrations, so have lined up a range of special offers to help your bingo budget spread that little bit further.

Throughout January, Sky Bingo are giving away thousands of free cards through a range of special games taking place each day. Cards for these games cost 5p each, but for every one you purchase, you will get another five for free. Each game comes complete with £50 worth of guaranteed jackpots and as the games are free, winning is all the sweeter.

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£50K Sliding Jackpot At Foxy Bingo

Friday, Nov. 20th 2015 10:46 AM

Have you noticed how cold it is getting lately? The t-shirts and shorts are definitely packed away for another year, and according to the weather forecasts it won’t be too long now before the snow starts falling! It won’t just be us that will be slipping in the ice when it does arrive either, as Foxy Bingo has lined up a fantastic big money game with a jackpot that keeps on sliding as more balls are called!

The suave ginger fox has lined up this special sliding jackpot game for 9:30 pm on Saturday 28th November at Foxy Bingo. Don’t fret though, this does not mean you have to miss out on your usual night on the town because you can pre-purchase your cards before you go out!

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£25k OMG Jackpot At Foxy Bingo

Wednesday, Oct. 28th 2015 7:52 AM

As the month comes to an end and most of the online bingo world focuses on Halloween, Foxy Bingo is heading for a big game the night after when on 1st November the OMG £25,000 jackpot goes up for grabs, starting November off with a bang!

The themed promos have been playing through October as players have been able to rack up the cash playing the daily free game, pouring out the champagne, and the champagne living is set to continue with this sparkly huge jackpot from Foxy Bingo!

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Naughty Pirates At Treasure Bingo

Wednesday, Aug. 19th 2015 7:17 AM

We all love to grab the loot but this month at Treasure Bingo you’ll have to watch out for the naughty pirates as they are swashbuckling their way to the treasure too! The buccaneers have been locked up but you can help to release them by joining in a series of special jackpot games this month, and with tickets from just a penny you won’t want to miss out!

There’s been a game every Wednesday this August but don’t worry you’ve only missed half of them as there are still two more weekly games to play until the month’s out. The tickets cost very little and the jackpots are real cash, so grab a cutlass and join in the fun now at Treasure Bingo!

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