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Cassava Withholding £83,000 In Prize Money From UK Bingo Players

Thursday, Jul. 7th 2011 10:20 PM

Following a couple of months of canvassing for your stories and experiences of being banned from a number of the UK’s leading bingo sites by the Gibraltar based bingo operator Cassava Enterprise Ltd, I’ve today put together a page that catalogues these experiences. On totalling up the amount of money you’ve told us Cassava withheld from you as a result of a ban, we found players were owed more than £83,000 in prize money that Cassava had decided they would keep.

For all we know, this is just the tip of the iceberg. We’ve had more than 70 complaints across a number of sites and contact methods. How many others have not complained, not found our site and shared their experiences? It’s hard to say, but a couple of complainers say they’ve seen a number of regular players disappear from the sites, whilst others have friends and relatives that have undergone the same treatment. We also don’t know how many of these players kicked up a big enough stink to get their money back, as we’ve heard some have done.

We contest that these bans are profit motivated, and are aimed at people who don’t spend all their winnings at the sites, but take it with them on a regular basis. You just have to read the stories to see the common threads. People win often and withdraw often, or have a big win. Shortly before they can get their money out they are slapped with a ban and their winnings are held. There’s no explanations anywhere in Cassava’s Ts and Cs to explain what constitutes bonus abuse, and it provides mechanisms that allow you to claim reload bonuses whilst waiting for pending withdrawals. Could it be they keep this system as it gives them a convenient way of banning players that win too much?

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Cassava Sites Free Bingo Terms And Conditions

Friday, May. 6th 2011 7:09 AM

Something caught my attention today when preparing the Moon Bingo Bonus And Code page and it had me scratching my head. It was in the Terms and Conditions of the site and something that many of the players who have been banned by Cassava probably hadn’t even noticed! If you were to play, on average, more than three hours a day of free games or 120 games a week at Moon Bingo then you do risk having your account closed on the pretext that it is considered ‘professional use’.

A couple of things that are glaringly wrong with this is that a) Moon Bingo don’t offer enough free bingo games to allow you to play 3 hours of free games or 120 hours and b) how the hell can someone be a professional bingo player when it’s a game of chance!

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Cassava / 888 Bingo – Where Winners Lose And Are Banned

Wednesday, May. 4th 2011 12:54 PM

Following on from my previous post about Cassava banning unprofitable players, I’ve found myself on the end of a ban. Not only that, but I’ve seen a marked increase in both the amount of people being banned on the entire Cassava network, but the amount of reasons given for handing out such bans. The one thing these reasons and bans all have in common is that they fly in the face of fair play, being aimed at those that win and withdraw cash from the sites powered by Cassava.

Anatomy Of A Bingo Winner’s Ban

My ban was first proceeded with a frozen account for ‘security issues’ – I sent through ID and eventually they unfroze the account. Following that, I took advantage of a number of bonus deposit special offers, emailed to me from Foxy and Cheeky Bingo, where I once again won and withdrew the money I had won. It took but a few weeks and my account was frozen, this time for good. I am no no longer able to play at any site powered by Cassava (close to a 3rd of all UK facing bingo sites) for doing nothing more than playing offers mailed me and withdrawing any winnings I had.

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Wix Bingo, improved?

Thursday, Apr. 28th 2011 7:44 AM

As a follow on from a recent ‘semi-review’ I did about Wix Bingo and a comment received from one of the team at the site that requested I revisit their site as changes have been made, yesterday I did just that. I’m open to amending my opinion and revisited with an open mind however some things remain unchanged to my original post.

Wix Bingo remains registered in Cyprus therefore still ringing alarm bells as although this means the site instantly hits the ‘white list’ it’s an indication that the site doesn’t offer the best for the player when it comes to wagering requirements and the like.

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Party Bingo Inactive Account Charges

Friday, Apr. 22nd 2011 7:56 AM

As someone who writes bingo content for a living I have accounts with many different online bingo brands; some I use on a personal level because I love the site but others are kept simply for work for no other reason that they don’t “rock my bingo world”. One of the latter accounts is with Party Bingo and even though this brand has made quite a few changes since PartyGaming purchased Cashcade, it still doesn’t quite cut the bingo mustard in my opinion.

Well the nail in the proverbial coffin for Party Bingo came yesterday by way of an email whose subject was “Your Account has been inactive for 180 days”. My first thoughts went along the lines of how touching that this brand have missed me enough to drop me a line….

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