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Party Bingo Inactive Account Charges

As someone who writes bingo content for a living I have accounts with many different online bingo brands; some I use on a personal level because I love the site but others are kept simply for work for no other reason that they don’t “rock my bingo world”. One of the latter accounts is with Party Bingo and even though this brand has made quite a few changes since PartyGaming purchased Cashcade, it still doesn’t quite cut the bingo mustard in my opinion.

Well the nail in the proverbial coffin for Party Bingo came yesterday by way of an email whose subject was “Your Account has been inactive for 180 days”. My first thoughts went along the lines of how touching that this brand have missed me enough to drop me a line….

However the content tells a completely different story! Basically Party Bingo do want me back and they’ll use any means necessary to ensure that I instantly log in to my account and spend, spend, spend! It’s a virtual gun to my head – YOU WILL COME AND PLAY AT OUR SITE!

Our records show that that you have not logged into your account for 180 days.

A £ 0.87 administration fee** has been charged to your inactive account. The next charge will be deducted from your account balance on: 16-May-2011 ET.

However, this fee will NOT be charged if your account, or any related account, is reactivated on or before 15-May-2011 ET.

Reactivating your account is easy: Just log in and place a cash wager, enter a tournament with a cash entry fee, or play a raked hand.

In my case there is no money in my account anyway so take your 87p Party Bingo but what about the unsuspecting player who has ceased playing for financial reasons?

But this isn’t the only example of wrong doings (in our opinion) some brands state in their Terms and Conditions

If you do not log onto your Bingo account for a period of 90 days, your Bingo Loyalty Points and Bonus Funds, if any, shall be forfeited to the Company without further notice. In addition, if you do not log onto your Bingo account for a period of 180 days, any balance in your account will be forfeited to the Company without further notice.

Don’t even get me started on the reasons that this is wrong – I’d be here forever and have no fingerprints left with the typed ranting. Just take these examples as just a couple of reasons why you should always read the Terms And Conditions before depositing funds at any online bingo brand! We are currently creating a bonus and codes section which will list details of wagering requirements, bonus terms, minimum deposit amounts and much more information so that you don’t fall foul of brands like www.partybingo.com!

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