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Christmas Chaos With Tidy Bingo

Posted by: BingoGal - Thursday, Dec. 11th 2014 7:33 AM

At Tidy Bingo, our very own brand, we love the festive season and not just because it means we get presents! What we love is the chance to spoil our players and this is what we are doing as Christmas approaches. The ongoing promotion for December is Santa’s Sack and your chance to win a prize a day but we’re also going to be hosting our very own party. We’ve named the event Christmas Chaos and the fun starts in the Tidy Cupboard (our standalone room) at 7pm on Tuesday 23rd December.

As usual the Tidy and the Troops game plays at 7pm with donations made to the Help for Heroes charity and the chance to win a share of the £50 prize pool from Tidy Bingo. Just a few minutes later and the ‘chaos’ kicks off….

For the first hour of the party there will be a special chat game played called Snog Me Santa. Chat games usually have a 500 loyalty points prize for the winner but as it is very nearly Christmas, the points are being doubled to 1,000 per win! As it is Christmas, ALL of the money spent on tickets will be added to the Help For Heroes kitty for this one night.

At 8pm the Mistletoe Mayhem starts and everyone in the room will be allocated four numbers (some will be sent these by email too). These allocated numbers are important for this hour because if bingo is called on one of your numbers, you will win a prize! Of course we know what all of the prizes are for the 13 games taking place in the hour but we are keeping them secret. All we will say is that there are tangible prizes, vouchers and loyalty points to be won!

For an hour from 9pm there are double loyalty points again for the festive Happy Xmas Tidyers chat game and then from 10pm until 11pm it is Last Orders. The chat game in the last hour will be Tag A Tidyer and 1,000 loyalty points will be won per game but in addition to that, there are some Love2Shop vouchers to be won. One the games at 15, 30, 45 and 55 in the last hour a £10 Love2Shop voucher will be awarded to the game winner alongside the house prize.

Why not come along and get festive with us at

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