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New National Bingo Game At Your Local Club

Thursday, Feb. 23rd 2017 7:16 AM

Many online bingo players have also visited their local club for a game or two and if you do this on a regular basis, and have been recently you will have noticed that the National Game has changed quite a bit. On 6th February 2017, the game started to offer more ways to win and the changes are already proving both lucrative, and popular, with retail bingo players.

Prior to the amendments, the National Bingo Game boasted just three prizes; the in-house prize of your club for calling the full house, the regional, and the national but all could only be won by calling the full house. The latter two only if you had called in the lowest amount of numbers in participating clubs like Gala Bingo or Mecca (some independents also join).

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Mecca Fest And Five Fiat 500s

Friday, Aug. 7th 2015 7:51 AM

This month it’s the Mecca Fest at Mecca Bingo with very special giveaways for both online and club players with £20 million to be given away. Heading down the bingo hall is a great way of taking your online fun out for the night and with offers from 88 Clubs across the UK there’s sure to be something near you!

This is a mixed special with £20 million to be given away in halls and another £2.3 million to win online, so whether you like to log on and play at home, or head down the bingo hall there’ll be something for you, and if that’s not enough Mecca Bingo is also giving away five Fiat 500s this month, making this one sensational giveaway.

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Gaming Realms To Sell Bingo Godz

Monday, Apr. 13th 2015 7:40 AM

Bingo Godz launched as a brand new innovative bingo software like nothing ever seen before, and from a marketplace complaining about the ‘same old, same old’ we expected it to be very popular. However, the brand hasn’t taken off in the way we and many others initially thought it would and now it’s been announced that Gaming Realms, the brand being the product is selling the site to European Domain Management.

Often we hear of bingo brands selling for many millions and maybe it’s a reflection of just how poorly Bingo Godz has been received that the brand is selling for just £500,000, with just £200,000 payable immediately.

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New Land Bingo Tax Comes Into Force

Monday, Jul. 7th 2014 7:45 AM

After huge media interest during the budget and the furore that followed the reduction of bingo taxation from 20% down to 10%, last week the promise was finally delivered as on Monday of last week the reduction in tax came into force.

George Osborne bowed to public pressure after a campaign by the Bingo Players Association. The campaign sought to reduce the tax paid by land based bingo halls to bring it in line with other forms of high street gambling. However, the Chancellor went one better than that, reducing the levy to 10%.

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Network Bingo And Mandalay Media

Monday, May. 5th 2014 7:12 AM

What makes a bingo network a network? That’s a very good question, and until now we’ve always based our network findings on several things, namely shared bingo rooms and shared chat and promotions but it seems that bingo sites can be networked in all kinds of ways, and separate chat rooms and promotions don’t always mean non-networked bingo.

Last week Rio Bingo launched (review to follow), and industry insiders were surprised to find so many players in the bingo rooms of a brand new bingo site. Rio Bingo has launched on the Mandalay Media brand, well known for many standalone bingo brands such as City Bingo, Fancy Bingo and others. However, after an investigation into the brands, we discovered that all was not how it seemed!

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