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Wix Bingo, improved?

Posted by: BingoGal - Thursday, Apr. 28th 2011 7:44 AM

As a follow on from a recent ‘semi-review’ I did about Wix Bingo and a comment received from one of the team at the site that requested I revisit their site as changes have been made, yesterday I did just that. I’m open to amending my opinion and revisited with an open mind however some things remain unchanged to my original post.

Wix Bingo remains registered in Cyprus therefore still ringing alarm bells as although this means the site instantly hits the ‘white list’ it’s an indication that the site doesn’t offer the best for the player when it comes to wagering requirements and the like.

Midday (CET) was the official grand opening for the site but we visited at 6.34pm (CET) which is 5.34pm in the UK and still just a few players in the rooms. The prize pot on a 5p game with 1 player in the game was one line for 45p, two lines for 68p and a full house for £1.13. Unfortunately we don’t know how many tickets the one player bought.

Things are all a little dark in the rooms at Wix Bingo; the colour scheme is predominantly black with white text and a little red thrown into the background. When the colours are marked off on the call board they are luminous green – it’s not an ‘inviting’ environment in my opinion.

What’s even more frustrating about Wix Bingo is that despite a comment from the operators on our previous post stating that the “abandonment charge” had been removed this still remains in the Terms and Conditions

Once Your Account has been deemed Inactive we will inform the player that their account is in danger of being automatically closed. Should the player wish to reactivate their account, they will be required to make a minimum deposit. If they player does not reply within one week. The account will be closed and any funds left will be absorbed by the company.

What is lacking in the Terms and Conditions are specifics to wagering requirements or bonus terms that are actually legible! We did however notice this when trying desperately to read the small print, and it is small!

We may elect not to accept any withdrawal request within fourteen (14) days after the deposit.

Sorry Wix Bingo, you’re staying on my “one to avoid” list!

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