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Lots Of Bingo Chat Games

Posted by: BingoGal - Friday, Feb. 25th 2011 7:49 AM

Lots of bingo sites offer new player bonuses when they register an account and many keep the bonuses coming on other deposits as well but many new players are unaware that by participating in the chat rooms at these brands you can also earn even more free money by playing the chat games. Lots of Bingo is one such brand that offer their players this opportunity and there are “lots of” bonuses available.

The bonuses for a chat game win at Lots of Bingo are always £1 and with plenty of friendly chat hosts and “roomies” at this brand you’ll have a whale of a time trying to win yourself a little something extra by playing these bonus games. To be eligible to win a bonus from these games you must have at least one card in play on the actual bingo game.

Here are just a few examples of the chat games being played in the rooms at Lots of Bingo:

Odds and Evens

  • To participate in the game you have to pick two odd numbers and two even numbers. When all four of your chosen numbers have been called be the first to type “NUMBERS” in to the chat room to win £1!

At The Races

  • Each player who wants to play has to  pick a number between 1 and 15 along the top of the call board. When all the numbers in the vertical line have been called be the first to type “They’re Off” and you will be awarded a £1 bonus.

Dodge Ball

  • Each player has to choose two numbers and then hope that they aren’t called for the duration of the game. If neither of your numbers are called then type “DODGEBALL” in to the chat room and you could win a £1 bonus.

Keep an eye on chat at because the chat host will tell you which bonus game is playing, if any.

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