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Sun Bingo Chat Games

Posted by: BingoGal - Wednesday, Oct. 6th 2010 8:07 AM

Sun Bingo isn’t just a site that offers fantastic promotions with prizes of brand new cars and holidays, this brand has a real community feel to it and as we know an integral part of forming this community is the chat rooms. Friendships are built here and Sun Bingo can even claim to have helped a couple find love according to a story published in the newspaper behind this site! Even more interesting is that participating in chat at Sun Bingo could also boast your balance!

How? By taking part in the Sun Bingo chat games and winning! Each winner of a chat game is usually awarded a £1 bonus so it’s well worth joining in.

Here are just a couple of examples of the chat games played at Sun Bingo, a full schedule of the games and their rules is available by visiting the dedicated “Chat” section from the home page of the site:

Lunchtime/Late Headlines

Have The Sun online open when this chat game plays because the host on duty will type a headline from the days publication with a word missing. The player who types the correct missing word into the chat room will win the bonus on offer from Sun Bingo.

2 Little Ducks

It’s all about the number 22 in this chat game at Sun Bingo. Keep an eye on the call board as the bingo game progresses because when number 22 has been called type “Two Little Ducks” into chat to win the bonus. If 22 doesn’t come out in a game then the bonus will double up for the next one!

Unlike many bingo sites whose chat game winners are determined by the winner of the game, find random chat game winners!

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