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Scheduled Chat Games

Posted by: BingoGal - Thursday, Aug. 19th 2010 7:39 AM

When it comes to playing online bingo many sites offer players the chance to earn free bingo points by participating in chat games. Chat games are played in any room that has a Chat Monitor in and where there are enough players to warrant the distribution of free bingo points. There are many different versions of the online bingo chat game, all of which are based around the bingo numbers, game and call board.

Our question is this, should bingo chat games be scheduled or should it be entirely at the discretion of the chat host which game is played?

There are pros and cons to both but overall we think that bingo chat games at any site should be scheduled and our reasons are simple. If a chat host has the choice of what game to play it is often found that a game decided by the winner of the bingo game also wins the free points on offer. This is because for a chat host there is no real work involved in playing this type of chat game. Let’s look at two different examples of chat games found at most bingo sites:

Lucky Numbers

The players wishing to participate in this chat game have to pick one number (1-75 or 1-90) and give it to the host. When the game is in play and your number is called be the first to type Lucky Number and your number and you will receive the bingo bonus.

For the chat host on duty this means that they have to make a physical note of the players name and number in order to moderate and check who is awarded the bingo bonus. Time consuming for the chat host.

Upper Buddy

The winner of this chat game is determined by the winner of the bingo game because whoever is one above the game winner in chat is awarded the bonus.

For the chat host there is no real effort involved; they simply watch the game and then award the points.

Scheduling bingo chat games means that players are offered a selection of games in which they can win free points. Chat game winners are not determined on every game by the bingo winner.

The whole point of participating in bingo chat games is to be able to boast your balance, a bingo winner has already done that by winning the game.

Which chat games do you prefer and why?

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