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The world of online bingo software and networks, as you probably already know, or will soon realise, is a very complex one. And, what we refer to as Globalcom / 888 software is invariably also known as 888 Bingo Network, Cassava, or Dragonfish Bingo. Whilst we don’t want to add to this confusion, we thought we should at the very least highlight the fact essentially all the same software. Hope that helps!

To clarify the situation – Initially the software was developed by Globalcom, and they run their own network whilst licensing the platform out to the likes of Cashcade Network and a few standalones. Then in 2007 Globalcom and the Globalcom Network was bought by 888 Holdings. Since then, the software has been known as Cassava / 888 Holdings bingo platform – and this is what is licensed out to separate networks such as Cashcade or Joy Of Bingo.

What was the Globalcom Network of sites (the largest UK online bingo network) is now referred to as the Dragonfish Network. You can identify these sites by looking down at the bottom of the page for the Dragonfish logo. There are other networks running on the software platform, as well as other standalone sites. Cashcade Network features the likes of Foxy Bingo and Cheeky Bingo – running on the Cassava platform. Joy Of Bingo network features sites like Wink Bingo, Redbus Bingo and Tasty Bingo, once again running on the Cassava platform.

For players who like playing big jackpot games then probably for them the best feature is the fact that most sites that use the 888/Globalcom / 888 software now provide at least one pre-purchase big jackpot game per week. Most sites have at least three pre-purchase games to choose from. One of the biggest pre-purchase games currently available is the monthly £25,000 Thank Foxy It’s Friday game from Fox Bingo which is played on the last Friday of every month.

A fairly new feature that has been offered from Globalcom / 888 is the use of providing 24 hour free bingo games at sites such as Cheeky Bingo, Posh Bingo as well as Costa Bingo. Players at these sites get the best of both worlds as they can play for free in the free bingo rooms or they can also choose to play in the cash bingo rooms. Many of the other sites that use the Globalcom / 888 software have recently had free bingo weeks or days as they recognise that free bingo is becoming ever popular with players.

The disadvantage of using the Globalcom / 888 software package is that it is limited to 75 ball pattern bingo or 90 ball bingo games so if you are a lover of playing other varieties of bingo games such as 75 ball Scandinavian or 80 ball games (shutterboard) then you will be disappointed.

The software also lacks the ‘about to buy’ feedback of other more polished softeware. The lack of this feature has seen this reviewer accidentally spend a massive amount of money on one game as the price had changed between the lobby and game, buying tickets at 25p rather than 5p each. Purchase feedback would have fixed this, but as of yet it is still missing. There are plans to add auto buy in the future, but as of yet it’s not available.

Globalcom / 888 / Cassava Powered Online Bingo Sites

Bingo Operator No Deposit & Deposit Bonuses For New Players Play At Operator’s Site
888 Bingo 888 Bingo bonuses page Visit 888 Bingo
888Ladies 888Ladies bonuses page Visit 888 Ladies
ABC Bingo ABC Bingo bonuses page Visit ABC Bingo
Angry Bingo Angry Bingo bonuses page Visit Angry Bingo
Biggest Bingo Biggest Bingo bonuses page Visit Biggest Bingo
Bingo Ballroom Bingo Ballroom bonuses page Visit BingoBallroom
Bingo Calling Bingo Calling bonuses page Visit Bingo Calling
Bingo Cove Bingo Cove bonuses page Visit Bingo Cove
Bingo Dome Visit for latest bonus details Visit Bingo Dome
Bingo Fabulous Bingo Fabulous bonuses page Visit Bingo Fabulous
Bingo giving Bingo Giving bonuses page Visit Bingo Giving
Bingo Ireland Visit for latest bonus details Visit Bingo Ireland
Bingo Jetset Visit for latest bonus details Visit Bingo Jetset
Bingo Loft Bingo Loft bonuses page Visit Bingo Loft
Bingo Lottery Bingo Lottery bonuses page Visit Bingo Lottery
Bingo Street Bingo Street bonuses page Visit Bingo Street
Bingo Yard Visit for latest bonus details Visit Bingo Yard
Brits Bingo Brits Bingo bonuses page Visit Brits Bingo
Bubble Bonus Bingo Bubble Bonus Bingo bonuses page Visit Bubble Bonus Bingo
Celeb Bingo Celeb Bingo bonuses page Visit Celeb Bingo
Champagne Bingo Visit for latest bonus details Visit Champagne Bingo
Chit Chat Bingo Chit Chat Bingo bonuses page Visit Chit Chat Bingo
City Bingo City Bingo bonuses page Visit City Bingo
Costa Bingo Costa Bingo bonuses page Visit Costa Bingo
Fancy Bingo Fancy Bingo bonuses page Visit Fancy Bingo
Get Minted Bingo Visit for latest bonus details Visit Get Minted Bingo
Giant Bingo Giant Bingo bonuses page Visit Giant Bingo
Glorious Bingo Glorious Bingo bonuses page Visit Glorious Bingo
Gold Medal Bingo Gold Medal Bingo bonuses page Visit Gold Medal Bingo
Live Bingo Live Bingo bonuses page Visit Live Bingo
Loquax Bingo Loquax Bingo bonuses page Visit Loquax Bingo
Monkey Bingo Monkey Bingo bonuses page Visit Monkey Bingo
Moon Bingo Moon Bingo bonuses page Visit Moon Bingo
Nutty Bingo Nutty Bingo bonuses page Visit Nutty Bingo
Pink Ribbon Bingo Pink Ribbon Bingo bonuses page Visit Pink Ribbon Bingo
Polo Bingo Polo Bingo bonuses page Visit Polo Bingo
Posh Bingo Posh Bingo bonuses page Visit Posh Bingo
Priceless Bingo Priceless Bingo bonuses page Visit Priceless Bingo
Prize Bingo Prize Bingo bonuses page Visit Prize Bingo
Red Bus Bingo Red Bus Bingo bonuses page Visit Red Bus Bingo
Rio Bingo Rio Bingo bonuses page Visit Rio Bingo
Robin Hood Bingo Robin Hood Bingo bonuses page Visit Robin Hood Bingo
Safari Bingo Safari Bingo bonuses page Visit Safari Bingo
Silk Bingo Silk Bingo bonuses page Visit Silk Bingo
Sing Bingo Sing Bingo bonuses page Visit Sing Bingo
So Bingo So Bingo bonuses page Visit So Bingo
Sophies Bingo Sophie’s Bingo bonuses page Visit Sophies Bingo
Spectra Bingo Spectra Bingo bonuses page Visit Spectra Bingo
Tasty Bingo Tasty Bingo bonuses page Visit Tasty Bingo
Think Bingo Think Bingo bonuses page Visit Think Bingo
Think Bingo Treasure Bingo bonuses page Visit Treasure Bingo
UK Bingo UK Bingo bonuses page Visit UK Bingo
Wink Bingo Wink Bingo bonuses page Visit Wink Bingo
Wish Bingo Wish Bingo bonuses page Visit Wish Bingo

Globalcom / 888 / Cassava Software Features

Some of the features that the Globalcom / 888 software includes are:

  • There is no download of software needed before you can play.
  • Deposit bonuses on initial and future deposits – amounts vary from site to site.
  • Chance to change bingo cards before purchasing tickets up to 30 seconds before the game starts.
  • Auto-dab and best card sorting facilities although players can choose to remove these features and manually daub their cards themselves if they prefer to do it themselves.
  • If you use the auto-daub facility you can also choose whether you want to show the 3tg, 2tg and 1tg indicators to highlight that your cards are close to winning.
  • Bingo claims are all automatic so you don’t need to claim manually so that means you can multi-task without the risk of missing a bingo win.
  • If you don’t want to listen to the bingo caller’s voice you can switch them off!
  • Choice of sitting in the chat rooms or you can choose to leave the chat rooms and play out of chat otherwise known as playing dark.
  • Use of smiley’s and chat shortcuts in the bingo chat rooms such as wtg, ty and gl.
  • The CM’s in the chat rooms have animations that they can use to pop up on your bingo screens. However, you can turn these off if you don’t want your bingo game disturbing.
  • Wide selection of side games available including slots, instant wins, table games and scratch cards.


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