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Blox Bingo At JackpotJoy

Posted by: BingoGal - Tuesday, Jun. 26th 2018 7:41 AM

A recent visit to Jackpot Joy revealed a brand new game had been introduced and it wasn’t a slot title! This is a brand new way to play bingo and it’s called Blox Bingo. As is the case when anything new arrives in the world of online bingo, we were keen to check it out and headed to our favourite of the Gamesys sites to try it out.

Blox Bingo is a Gamesys Production, so produced by the software supplier for Jackpot Joy and Heart Bingo (just two of the brands that use this software). This means that the game is only available at sites powered by this software.

Playing Blox Bingo At Jackpot Joy

You buy tickets in the same way as you would usually and it’s a 90 ball game. The most obvious difference to the standard game of 90 ball is that when the numbers are called, they are ‘Blox’ rather than bingo balls that appear.

Bingo tickets are dabbed in the same way as a standard game and there are prizes for the one line, two line and full house as well as a progressive jackpot available to be won if you call in 38 bingo calls.

Below is a game in play.

Blox Bingo

Blox Blitz Bonus At Jackpot Joy

The difference to a standard game happens when the main game is over and comes in the form of a bonus game, Blox Blitz. You have the choice as to whether to play or not. This is only available to you if you have at least tickets in the main game.

The game itself is one where you have to move Blox around the screen to form horizontal or vertical lines of three or more of the same colour. You have a time limit of and at the end of the game, your score will earn you free tickets for the next game. This is both on your personal score and your community score (the tally of scores for all players) at

Blox Blitz

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