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Spin The Wheel At Wink Bingo

Posted by: BingoGal - Thursday, Apr. 8th 2010 2:36 PM

For a couple of months now Wink Bingo have been talking about a change in their welcome bonus; mailers have been distributed to portals that advertise the brand and originally it was suggested that this online bingo brand where going to be offering a tiered cash match and free bingo bonus to new players.

However as with all things Wink Bingo goal posts are moved and things change in an effort to offer the best bingo experience to their online bingo players (whilst sometimes not for the people promoting the brand).

Prior to 7th April the welcome bonus for new players to Wink Bingo was a £15 no deposit required welcome bonus. This was supposed to change originally on 1st March but then was put back to 1st April. Affiliates were told that the new welcome bonus would be as follows:

  • Player makes a £5 deposit
  • £15 will then be credited to the account
  • 200% cash match bonus is available on initial deposit

However this isn’t the case. Wink Bingo have chosen to go a completely different way to the offer that they originally distributed to their affiliates. New players can now spin the wheel at Wink Bingo to determine what their bonus will be. This however is only available when a new player has made an initial deposit at the site. Wink Bingo have stated that the minimum deposit required to spin the wheel is £10 and then players can win a minimum of £15 but a maximum of £1,000!

Is it set to attract more players through the virtual doors? Only time will tell. So if you haven’t yet registered with why not take your chances by spinning their wheel.

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