Essentially, this is the largest online bingo network servicing the UK. There is confusion around what it’s actually called down to the history of the network and its purchase by 888 Holdings. This confusion has been compounded by a lack of literature and clarification from the companies involved with its history, but we’ll try to put it together for you.

The Globalcom network grew to be one of the largest in the UK during the first decade of the 21st century. As well as the network, Globalcom also provided the software which was licensed out for use by other networks. Then in 2008 the network and software was bought by 888 Holdings. From there, 888 subsidiary Dragonfish took over management of the network in 2009, and run it to this day.

Confusingly, you’ll hear the network referred to by any of its three monikers – The Globalcom Bingo Network, The 888 Bingo Network and The Dragonfish Bingo Network. Players know it by a number of different names, and you also have to throw Cassava into the mix. Cassava are another 888 subsidiary who now control the Cassava Bingo Software and its licensing to other operators. Technically though, we believe that the Dragonfish Bingo Network name is the one we should stick too here on in.

The Dragonfish Bingo Network is run from and licensed in Gibraltar. Despite being the biggest network, it’s fair to say that most UK players won’t have heard of many of the brands the network supports – they have no real big hard hitters in the network. There is little chance for any site in the network to customise its offering beyond the standard ‘skin.’ However, it remains a popular chain of sites with its easy to use software and banking interface.

Globalcom / Dragonfish Bingo Network Sites

Bingo Operator No Deposit & Deposit Bonuses For New Players Play At Operator’s Site
888 Bingo 888 Bingo bonuses page Visit 888 Bingo
ABC Bingo ABC Bingo bonuses page Visit ABC Bingo
Biggest Bingo Biggest Bingo bonuses page Visit Biggest Bingo
Bingo Ballroom Bingo Ballroom bonuses page Visit BingoBallroom
Bingo Calling Bingo Calling bonuses page Visit Bingo Calling
Bingo Cove Bingo Cove bonuses page Visit Bingo Cove
Bingo Dome Visit for latest bonus details Visit Bingo Dome
Bingo Fabulous Bingo Fabulous bonuses page Visit Bingo Fabulous
Bingo Ireland Visit for latest bonus details Visit Bingo Ireland
Bingo Jetset Visit for latest bonus details Visit Bingo Jetset
Bingo Lottery Bingo Lottery bonuses page Visit Bingo Lottery
Bingo Yard Visit for latest bonus details Visit Bingo Yard
Brits Bingo Brits Bingo bonuses page Visit Brits Bingo
Bubble Bonus Bingo Bubble Bonus Bingo bonuses page Visit Bubble Bonus Bingo
Celeb Bingo Celeb Bingo bonuses page Visit Celeb Bingo
Champagne Bingo Visit for latest bonus details Visit Champagne Bingo
Dabber Bingo Visit for latest bonus details Visit Dabber Bingo
Deep Sea Bingo Visit for latest bonus details Visit Deep Sea Bingo
EasterBingo Visit for latest bonus details Visit Easter Bingo
Flowerpot Bingo Visit for latest bonus details Visit Flowerpot Bingo
Get Minted Bingo Visit for latest bonus details Visit Get Minted Bingo
Glorious Bingo Visit for latest bonus details Visit Glorious Bingo
Gold Medal Bingo Gold Medal Bingo bonuses page Visit Gold Medal Bingo
LoadsaBingo Visit for latest bonus details Visit LoadsaBingo
Loquax Bingo Loquax Bingo bonuses page Visit Loquax Bingo
Nutty Bingo Nutty Bingo bonuses page Visit Nutty Bingo
Pink Ribbon Bingo Pink Ribbon Bingo bonuses page Visit Pink Ribbon Bingo
Priceless Bingo Priceless Bingo bonuses page Visit Priceless Bingo
Prize Bingo Prize Bingo bonuses page Visit Prize Bingo
Safari Bingo Safari Bingo bonuses page Visit Safari Bingo
So Bingo So Bingo bonuses page Visit So Bingo
Sophies Bingo Sophie’s Bingo bonuses page Visit Sophies Bingo
Sparkling Bingo Sparkling Bingo bonuses page Visit Sparkling Bingo
Spectra Bingo Spectra Bingo bonuses page Visit Spectra Bingo
Steamy Bingo Steamy Bingo bonuses page Visit Steamy Bingo
UK Bingo UK Bingo bonuses page Visit UK Bingo

Globalcom / Dragonfish Bingo Network Information

Software used by network: Globalcom / Cassava bingo software.


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