Unfortunately for us bingo players, there’s a number of sites out there that are more interested in making money than they are in providing bingo players with a decent service. Well, here at Bingo VG we don’t like to see our members being taken for a ride, and we’ll do what we can to keep them informed about what we believe is bad practice, and what to do should they find themselves with a complaint.

Our complaints section is designed to help you work towards resolving any problems you have. There’s practical advice on what to do should you find yourself in dispute with an online bingo company, information on licensing authorities that regulate the game and information on sites and networks we believe you should either avoid, or be wary of.

Working in the bingo industry, we see too many complaints from players about their treatment. No one else is standing up for them – the Government and licensing bodies don’t seem to care, so nothing changes. If we all pull together, then true change can come, and here at Bingo VG we’re sending out a rallying cry to online bingo players, and you can join in.

The Online Bingo Players’ Charter

We’re building a players’ charter from your comments – we want the bingo companies to know what we as British bingo players want from a site, and expect as far as fair terms and conditions from online bingo sites. The Charter Introduction can be read here. The introduction lays down why we believe we need this charter and what we think should happen with it. The actual Online Bingo Players’ Charter is here

In The Online Bingo Complaints Section

Also See

  • The Online Bingo Hot List – We’ve got the watch list, but here’s the more positive list, the sites we believe excel at online bingo and we’re happy to recommend to all players.

Get Involved

As well as the information on the site, you can get involved by sharing your problems or by letting us know about how best to shape the Players’ Charter. Comments are open on all our reviews so you can share your experiences there, or tell us about your problems. We will be doing are best to keep things open so bingo players know what’s happening out there. Many bingo companies won’t like it, be we aim to stand firm against them, as you should.

Do You Operate A Bingo Site Complained About Here At Bingo.vg?

Okay bingo site operators, this is where you get to show your worth and dedication to your customers. I’ve seen some of you out there try to get complaints removed and cover-up player problems posted at other sites and forums. Legal threats and complaints have been used to silence critics of bad practice. Well, let me say now we won’t stand for this here. If you have a complaint featured at this site you should see it as an opportunity to improve the standing of your brand, not a problem to try and hide from potential members.

Believe it or not us bingo players aren’t as daft as you’d like to believe. We talk to each other about the sites we play at, we warn our friends to avoid certain sites, we tell them to try ones we like. Most of all, we don’t like being taken for mugs, and to many of you are doing this to us. So as I’ve mentioned, here’s your opportunity to shine – you can contact the team here at Bingo VG to discuss the problems your players are experiencing and work with us try to and sort them out.

You can also check out our Online Bingo Player’s Charter too – we’re compiling it to give to online bingo operators to show them what we as players want from the game, not what makes you the most money. If you want to improve your bottom line, grow your membership and get the attention you need, then by moving towards these goals and changing the way you work, you’ll help yourself get good word of mouth from other players, and a good reputation with sites like us.

All bingo operators have problems arise with their players, trying to cover them up won’t do you any favours though. Work with us to change the way you operate, and be seen to be working in the interests of your players, not the company profits. Bingo is a community game, and when your community thrives, you thrive too. Embrace us players, don’t aim to rip us off. That time is over…