Hello, I thought I’d spend a few paragraphs telling you about the site here at Bingo.VG, and what makes us worthy of your time and attention. With the hundreds of bingo sites on the web, all claiming to be the best or the number one, you’re probably wondering what makes this site tick? Well, to be honest, we don’t claim to be the best or the number 1, but what we do claim, unlike these other fly-by-night sites, is to know what we’re on about.

And why do we know what we’re on about? Well, I’ll tell you. We know because we play bingo on a regular basis. Not only do we play at UK bingo clubs, we play online too. This gives us a great grasp of what to expect. It also gives us a great insight into what we demand as regular bingo players. Personally, I’m only happy with sites that offer the same privileges and terms as you average retail bingo hall. If I win money, I want to be able to withdraw it. If you give me free games, I want to be able to treat them like a typical bingo hall. If you want my business, you’ll treat me well.

Unfortunately, not all bingo sites want to play by the rules, and where they don’t, we’ll raise these points and make you, the average online bingo player aware so as you don’t waste your money on sites that don’t deserve it.

You’ll notice advertising and links on the site – I have to disclose that we do feature paid links and adverts on the site. We are bingo affiliates, and you can assume that if you click on a link to an online bingo site, we will take a commission from the featured bingo site if you sign up and deposit at the site. That said, we’re very fussy about what we feature at the site, and we strive to avoid featuring anything that could be classed as exploitative or unfair to you, the bingo player.

As time goes on the site will be expanding with lots of great info, tips and information on the game. We’ll be championing fairness and player respect for all online bingo players, and trying to get you the best extra little bonuses and deals as well. We have great links with many online bingo operators, and as such we can often use that to get the best for you, the bingo player.

All the best,
The Bingo.VG Team,

March 2010.