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Anyone who grew up in the 80s will no doubt remember when the newspapers went bingo crazy. You couldn’t get near the front row of newspapers thanks to the piles of bingo cards lined up. Every day numbers were printed in the papers, cajoling people to pick up the latest tabloid to see if they could get that big house for big money. My nan used to have me running to the newsagents for the morning paper before I even had time for my Cornflakes, especially when she was only waiting on one or two numbers.

It always seemed to be us waiting for one or two numbers when you’d open up the newspaper to see someone else photographed grinning, holding a big wad of notes having already won the big prize you were waiting for. It’s fair to say that bingo and newspapers go together like newspapers and chips go together.

This close linking between the two hasn’t stopped. In fact, these days it’s gone all technical – newspapers have taken their bingo online. These days all the tabloids have an online bingo site proudly carrying on their tradition. One of the biggest UK bingo sites, Tombola, has its origins in the days of newspaper bingo, and not so long ago were the power behind one of the UK’s leading bingo sites, Sun Bingo.

And it’s not just newspapers that have got in on the act, those salacious glossy magazines out there have also caught the bingo bug. You can’t move for a press related bingo site these days, on this page we’ve listed a good few of them. You can see what we mean, or if you’re otherwise inclined, give them a try out.

Popular Newspaper And Magazine Related Bingo Sites

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