Mobile Bingo was a slow burner, but once the technology caught up the revolution was a speedy one and now mobile bingo is a mainstream hobby! While desktop bingo is now the norm, mobile gaming allows players to access fun bingo games from a variety of mobile devices and it’s easy to see why it’s so popular! Whether you’re snuggled on the sofa watching the soaps or enduring a long train journey, the games are entertaining and the chat rooms offer a certain amount of companionship, making it a great way to pass the time!

Mobile bingo has been around since small screened WAP phones, although the interface back then wasn’t so great and it wasn’t hugely popular. However, it didn’t take long before the software caught up and with the advent of smartphones and tablet devices, mobile bingo has found its place in the world, and is now a pretty sensational experience!

As the industry has grown, across the bingo world more and more software suppliers have incorporated mobile versions of the game and this means that no longer are you playing on a separate interface when you play the mobile version. It used to be that mobile software was actually a whole different bingo site, but now you can switch from mobile to desktop and play the same games with the same account and the same balance!

The conveniences of mobile bingo are endless, and having the game at your fingertips is fantastic indeed, but the interface does come with its own pitfalls too. If you’re playing mobile games you really do need a good connection, and access to a charger regularly is also essential, you’ll also need fast fingers and a good swipe if you intend joining in on the community side of things, because incorporating chat and bingo tickets on a small screen really is an issue.

In the age of mobile bingo there are now so many sites to choose from, so we’ve started trying out a few, seeing what’s worthy of your time, attention, and money. Just choose your site from the list to read our reviews with honest appraisals by real bingo players.

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