Many players are unaware that the majority of bingo sites out there are run on a network basis. All but a few of the UK’s online bingo sites use the network model to provide their bingo. Simply put, a networked site is one that uses a shared pool of players across a number of different sites.

Imagine 3 sites – Bingo A, Bingo B and Bingo C. As a player you sign up at Bingo A, and as far as you’re concerned, you are a player at the site Bingo A. However, Bingo A is part of an online bingo network. When you login to play bingo at Bingo A, you’re actually joining the players at Bingo B and Bingo C alongside those at Bingo A. You can sign up at Bingo B and Bingo C with separate accounts, but which ever one you visit to play at, the players in the bingo rooms are shared between the 3 sites.

This has benefits for both the players and the bingo providers. Firstly, it allows operators to maintain liquidity – as rather than have 10 sites with a handful of players in each, they have 10 sites with 10 x the handful of players. This in turn benefits the players as they are playing for more money as there are more players there for the game. More often than not, the players in the chat room will be shared between the network pool too. However some sites will have a separate chat room for each site in the network. It varies between networks.

It also benefits people wanting to get into providing online bingo. Essentially they can start up a new site, and instantly have a pool of players at the site. They will only make money with those players who sign up to the network pool via their own site, or ‘skin’ as they are commonly referred to by industry people. It also lowers the cost of entry into the online bingo business, as all your banking and technical facilities are taken care of by the larger network.

Unfortunately, there is also a downside to the network model. Currently there are about 300 bingo sites offering the game to the UK market. Of these, about 290 of them are network skins. As each share the same bingo promotions and games, this large number of sites actually hides a lack of choice and variety for the average bingo player. Many sites are just cookie cut and sent out to make money for the owner with scant regard for originality or innovation.

Below we’ve listed the main networks and given you a bit of background on them. The listing is far from complete, but it includes the most popular bingo network providers, alongside their most popular sites. Some providers also offer multiple networks under them, and we’ve tried to note this where possible.

Popular Bingo Network Providers

15 Network Networked sites include: Lollipop Bingo, Elf Bingo and Tidy Bingo.
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Best Bingo Network Networked sites include: Bingo Hero, BingoG & Gone Bingo.
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Cashcade Network Networked sites include: ITV Bingo (closed), Little Big Bingo (closed) & Rollover Bingo (closed).
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Chelbis Bingo Network Networked sites include: Comfy Bingo, Dandy Bingo & Landmark Bingo.
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Dragonfish 888 Globalcom Network Networked sites include: ABC Bingo, & 888 Bingo.
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gamesys bingo network Networked sites include: Heart Bingo & Jackpot Joy.
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network Networked sites include: William Hill Bingo, Gala Bingo and Mecca Bingo.
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