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Gala Bingo Parking Fine Fiasco

The Gala Bingo club in Bristol has made an apology to ‘hundreds’ of it’s patrons after between 300 and 500 members received parking fines in the post! It appears that after hiring an enforcement company in a bid to curb rogue parking, club members have been on the receiving end of fines.

Part of the plan was that Gala Bingo club members were expected to enter their car registration details in to a machine that was in the foyer of the venue. Due to teething problems, namely that many patrons were not aware of the machine of the change in the way parking was monitored, many didn’t provide the details required.

Gala Bingo Patron Speaks Out

Speaking with the Bristol Post [read the original article here] one patron of the club is reported to have received no less than three letters from the enforcement company since March! All three demanded payment and threaten legal action for non-payment.

She said that she felt intimated by the letters and that the elderly were likely to pay the fine for fear of the consequences. She also explained that she knew several personally that had already paid.

She is quoted as saying

I gave copies of my fines to Gala Bingo and they told me they would handle it. But after taking my letters in to show them, I received a third letter from Highview Parking – who had doubled my fine to £135 and told me I had 14 days to pay it.

I was devastated when I saw this in the post. I have no intention of paying it but these people are getting money off of people that they really shouldn’t.

Gala Bingo Respond

A spokesperson for Gala Bingo has said that whilst they cannot confirm an amount, a small number of members have been affected by the issue.

They have promised to void any parking penalties received by their customers and have asked that Highview Parking temporarily cease enforcement.

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