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Feel The Heat At bgo

Thursday, Aug. 24th 2017 7:49 AM

Whilst we may not be in the throws of a heatwave in the UK, at bgo the second week of their Heat Wave promotion is underway. This promotion has some pretty impressive prizes to offer qualifying players include a city break, gadgets, vouchers and a selection of free spins. Better still, it doesn’t take much to get involved but you do only have until Sunday of this week (27th August) to get yourself into pole position on their leaderboard.

To get started you first have to opt in at bgo. This is done by heading to the promotion section of the site and looking for the link to their Heat Wave offer. Once you have done that, you will earn points on the leaderboard for every £20 you wager. That spend, and every one of that value, will get you one point.

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Film Bingo Go Independent!

Sunday, Jul. 9th 2017 7:20 AM

From the title you could be forgiven for thinking that Film Bingo have chosen to make the move from network to standalone but sadly, this is not the case. When we say they have ‘gone independent’ we are referencing American Independence, the theme of their exclusive promotional offer for July. Today is Independence Day in the USA but the promotion is running all month long, so plenty of chance to get your name at the top of their leaderboard.

The prizes that are being given away at Film Bingo are a little American, at least the sweet hamper is. It is packed with an array of tasty snacks that are synonymous with the States. You’ll find Butterfinger, 100 Grand, Take 5, Reese’s Pieces and much more besides in the hamper.

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Fab Father’s Day At Film Bingo

Tuesday, Jun. 6th 2017 7:25 AM

June is host to a plethora of special event days but not all are celebrated in the UK. June is Soul Food month, it is also the month that has Barefoot Day and Donald Duck Day but at Film Bingo, they are going with the traditional and focusing on Father’s Day on Sunday 18th June. The site isn’t being gender specific in their exclusive promotion though, Mum’s can also take part and you don’t even have to be a Dad to get involved.

It’s another leaderboard style promotion from Film Bingo and this month the choice of scoring mechanisms is based on Father’s Day. Top the leaderboard by 30th June at 23:59 and the selection of prizes (or the cash alternative will be yours).

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Film Bingo Want You To Slay The Dragon

Thursday, Mar. 30th 2017 7:33 AM

We’re just a couple of days away from the end of the month and as the Mum’s The Word promotion comes to an end at Film Bingo, we have details of their exclusive promotion for April. April is host to many events that could be celebrated and used as a theme; Easter, St. George’s Day, Sherlock Holmes’ birthday and many more. St. George’s Day is the theme for the new month and you’re being asked to slay the dragon by scoring points and topping the leaderboard!

If you managed to finish in pole position then you will have slayed their dragon at Film Bingo quintessentially English; fish and chips, a fry up, wet weather, a stiff upper lip and of course, a nice cup of tea. It is the latter that makes up the prize for the latest exclusive from Film Bingo.

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Fall In Love With Film Bingo

Tuesday, Jan. 31st 2017 7:38 AM

It’s that time of year again, the time when all the couples feel obliged to line the pockets of the card shops and florists to celebrate Valentine’s Day and the single are made to feel like they are pariahs! But for bingo players, it’s a time of year that sees a whole plethora of love themed promotions and prizes. Bingo sites don’t care about your relationship status, they just want you to get involved and Film Bingo is no different.

This year Film Bingo are holding a Romcom Winathon and offering up a selection of DVD’s and a player to play them on. Like¬†most of the exclusive promotions from this brand, winning is achieved by topping their leaderboard by the end of the month. To reach the top of the leaderboard, you have to have secured the most points.

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