There are numerous reasons why people choose to play online bingo but one of the most enticing has to be the great bingo jackpots on offer around the world of internet bingo. Bingo jackpots vary in size from site to site and also there are a number of different types of jackpot available.

In the beginning there were only coverall and progressive jackpots but of late we have seen the introduction of a new breed of bingo jackpot, the guaranteed game. Of all the games played at the many online bingo halls, this proves to be the most popular and for many, the most lucrative.

Here we will look at the three main types of bingo jackpots, the progressive, the coverall and the guaranteed:

Progressive Jackpots

This type of bingo jackpot is, as the name would imply, progressive. On the whole these bingo jackpots start at a static amount and for every bingo ticket purchased by players the prize pool increases. Of the three jackpot games we will be looking at, the progressive jackpots are governed by the number of bingo calls required to win the pot prize displayed.

The amount of bingo numbers required varies from one internet bingo site to another as well as from one game type to another. When you play a progressive jackpot game in any 75 ball bingo room it is accepted that the amount of numbers required to win the game will alter on each and every game. This is attributed to the fact that different bingo patterns require different numbers of calls to win bingo on. It would be remiss of any bingo site to set the bar at 25 bingo calls standard for a progressive bingo jackpot when some bingo patterns require just 16 calls to win bingo whilst others may require quite a few more.

Playing for a 90 ball bingo progressive jackpot will often see a static amount of numbers required to claim the bingo jackpot simply because the cards for 90 ball bingo never change. Once a progressive jackpot has been won it is usual for it to be reset at a static amount of £500 for example.

Coverall Bingo Jackpots

As the name suggests, coverall bingo jackpots require that all numbers on the bingo card be covered in order to win the jackpot being offered. The most infamous of the coverall bingo jackpots are played on the Dragonfish/888/Globalcom bingo network three times a week for £1 million. A coverall jackpot differs from a progressive jackpot in so far as instead of the jackpot increasing, a coverall jackpot game will decrease in value as the game progresses and more bingo numbers are called. Whilst the pot may start at £1 million for a coverall bingo jackpot you would need to call bingo in just 40 bingo calls. A do-able but to date no one has actually claimed the £1 million prize on offer.

Guaranteed Jackpots

Of the three bingo jackpots that we have looked at, the guaranteed jackpots are the only ones that do not require the player to call bingo in a predetermined number of calls. Guaranteed jackpots do exactly what they say on the tin, pay out the amount advertised no matter what the number of calls taken to call bingo!

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