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Game Of Thrones Star Turns Bingo Caller

Bingo seems be have become very trendy all of a sudden and it seems all the furore and political posturing over the bingo tax has done the industry as a whole the world of good. It seems to bingo is to be cool, and now even the Game of Thrones stars want in on the action! This weekend, Daniel Portman turns bingo caller in a the Coopers pub in Glasgow in an evening of bingo to raise money for MacMillan Cancer Support.

The 22 year old actor plays Podrick Payne in the hit show, which has taken the country by storm, everyone’s watching it and that’s sure to bring the crowds into Coopers to raise this money for charity.

Daniel is originally from the Glasgow area, and will be heading back for this evening on Thursday May 15 for this evening of fun, bingo and plenty of money raising activities. Tickets cost £5 and Coopers Bar is hoping to beat the £2,200 raised last year for the same cause. If you fancy popping along, the bingo starts at 9pm!

This is one of many bits of news lately showing just how en vogue bingo in. First we had Cool Britannia, Brit Pop, Cool Cymru, and Hipsters, and now it seems that the hip thing to do is get on down for a game of bingo!

The game hasn’t been talked about since the 1960s heyday, and this is just one bit of evidence that bingo is making a revival in the UK, and is as popular as its ever been.

With land based halls offering a proper night out, and online and mobile games to slot in in between, it really has never been easier to get your regular dose of Legs Eleven, so eyes down it’s time for Game of Thrones Bingo.

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