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Who Are The Bingo Godz?

We’ve heard a lot about Bingo Godz lately, the newest online bingo site, using the newest and most unusual software around. The site uses brand new software from Bede Gaming, and offers a very different bingo experience, combining the traditional game with a social aspect, but who are these Godz they speak of?

The Bingo Godz are what make the game so special. As you climb through the levels, you’ll meet them all, and you can look out for them appearing in the bingo rooms for some special bonuses too.

We all like to be familiar with the software we’re playing, so here’s an introduction to the Godz, and the bonuses they could be offering you:

Zantos is the Father of the Godz and it’s said he’s older than bingo itself. When you first sign up and play the single player game, you’ll meet him for some free cash.

Afro-Dity is the God of Disco Loving, and that sounds like a lot of fun. She’s a night owl, so look out for her in the evenings, as she has the power to increase the jackpot mid game!

Aunty-Iris is one of the elder Godz, so you’re unlikely to see her after dark, but when you do see her, she’s likely to be giving out free cash!

Earos is one to listen out for, as he’ll be dropping bingo gifts in the rooms in the form of cashback if your lucky number appears within the first 30 calls .

Hypnozzz has his special snooze cannon, and if you find him, you’ll receive 50% extra on the tickets you have purchased.

Hebebee is an early riser, so you’ll need to bright as a button to see him, as he could be worth an extra daub on your ticket, which could mean the difference between winning and 1tg!

So there are the Godz from www.bingogodz.com, how many have you met so far?

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