It’s a sad fact of life, but unfortunately, not all bingo sites have the longevity to outlast the competition. For all the new bingo sites being launched, there’s another elsewhere that’s giving up the ghost. On this page, we’ll give a fitting home to all the sites that have gone the way of the dodo.

Sites (and occasionally whole bingo networks) close for a number of reasons, but usually, it mainly comes down to one thing – profitability. If a site isn’t getting punters through the door, and more importantly, offering them an excellent service when they get there, then sites won’t stay open too long.

Some bingo networks won’t carry sites that fail to supply players to the network pool. In a couple of cases we’ve seen entire networks die too, although that is more of a rare occurrence than a closing site. Listed below are sites that have closed during our watch.

If you’ve wound up here after clicking a site link to an external site, then its because that site has closed but we’ve kept the page live for reference purposes.

You might like to find another site to play at instead, if so look here:

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Dead Sites And Networks

2009 – Shipleys Bingo (St Minver Network)

November 2010 – Bingo Day / Titan Bingo

2011 – Moyo Bingo (St Minver Network)

2011 – Teletext Bingo (St Minver Network)

Apr 2011 – The CyberBingo Network closed down. Cyber Bingo itself has moved over to the Dragonfish Network, and remains open. The rest of the site in the network have closed. These sites are:

Bingo Zest
Daily Express Bingo
Daily Star Bingo
New Mag Bingo
OK Magazine Bingo
Star Magazine Bingo

June 2011 – Xoom Bingo

July 2011 – Following the phone hacking scandal and the closure of the News Of The World, NOTW Bingo has shut its doors. All players have been transferred to its sister site, Sun Bingo.

July 2011 – GameOn Bingo

August 2011 – At The Bingo

October 2011 – Bingo Chest

November 2011 – Daily Mail Bingo

January 2012 – Bingolore

March 2012 – Interbingo

May 2012 – Littlewoods Bingo (re-branded to Vernons Bingo)

June 2012 – GPL Bingo

July 2012 – Wonder Bingo

July 2012 – 3am Bingo (players migrated to Mirror Bingo)

February 2013 – M8ts Bingo (players migrated to Bingo Palace)

June 2013

  • Bingo All Day
  • Fruit Bingo

July 2013

  • Bloke Bingo

August 2013 – Online Bingo Chief

September 2013 – Quicksilver Bingo – rebranded as Dr Vegas and bingo dropped

February 2014

  • Bingo Riot
  • Wag Vegas Bingo
  • Lots of Bingo
  • Scots Bingo
  • Neighbourhood Bingo
  • Love 2 Bingo
  • BingOn

August 2014

  • We Luv Bingo – redirects players to Elf Bingo
  • Tickle Bingo
  • Sunday Mail Bingo – redirects players to Daily Record Bingo
  • Jackpot Fiesta

September 2014 – Bingo Joy

November 2014

  • 88 Bingo
  • Bingo Mania
  • Busy Bingo
  • Congo Bingo
  • Yahoo Bingo

June 2015 – Party Bingo

January 2016

  • Pink Ladies Bingo
  • Genie Bingo
  • Up Your Bingo
  • Tryst Bingo

February 2016

  • Butlins Bingo
  • Ruby Bingo

March 2016

  • Raw Bingo
  • Tickety Boo Bingo
  • OK! Bingo

March 2017

  • All Stars Bingo
  • Titanbet Bingo

April 2017

  • Foxy Zero

June 2017

  • Daily Record Bingo

August 2017

  • Film Bingo

September 2017

  • Bingo 7

October 2017

  • Graces Bingo
  • Kiss My Bingo
  • Offer X Bingo
  • Peachy Bingo

November 2017

  • Jackpot Bingo

December 2017

  • Female Bingo
  • Top Ten Bingo
  • Bingo Broadway
  • KMB Original
  • Banana Bingo
  • KS Bingo
  • Postcode Bingo
  • Little Big Bingo

January 2018

  • Snap Bingo
  • Bingo Bongo
  • Gold Bingo

February 2018

  • Bingo Hall
  • Bingola

March 2018

  • Caesars Bingo

May 2018

  • Bingo Boudoir
  • Fairys Bingo
  • Bingo VIP Club
  • Luv 2 Bingo

June 2018

  • Paint The Town Bingo

August 2018

  • Bingo Scotland
  • ITV Bingo
  • Telly Talk Bingo

October 2018

  • Bingo Godz