For more information on why we’ve started this charter and what we expect to do with it can be read in the introduction here. To contribute to it, you can contact us here or leave a comment below.

As online bingo players, we would like to recommend operators move towards the following blue print for how we would like to be treated as bingo players. For players to be aware, the best of those sites that comply with the charter can be found on our Hot List page. Those that don’t you can expect to see appearing on our Watch List page.

The Charter – 1st Draft July 2010

Free And Match Deposit Bonuses

  • Any deposit bonus give to a bingo player should be treated as cash – not as second tier bonus points or fake play which is tied into the site and will never be realised as cash winnings which can be withdrawn from the site.
  • Any money won on free money given by the site should be able to be withdrawn from the account, minus the amount of free money given to the player.
  • Any players given free money to try out a site should not be excluded from any area of the site that a normal member would be allowed.

Tickets And Pricing

  • If ticket prices rise substantially, then so should the prize money.
  • Ideally, ticket prices for a game are between 1p and 20p. 25p, 50p and £1 tickets should be kept for special jackpot games only.
  • The amount of tickets a player can purchase be should be kept low to encourage fair play and chances for players. 24 (4 strips of 6) for 90 ball games and the same for 75 ball games should be the limit. This allows for longer play and better chances and doesn’t encourage overspending by players.
  • Players should always get feedback on how much they are about to spend on a game. A confirmation dialogue will allow players to confirm that what they think they are about to spend is in fact what they are about to spend.


  • The minimum withdrawal level should be the same as the minimum deposit level.
  • Players should be allowed to withdrawal as often as they like, and certainly daily.
  • Withdrawals should be handled and actioned in a timely manner – if players can fund their account instantly, they should be able to withdraw money in the same way.

Banking And Identification

  • You shall not share out players details with other online bingo sites, even if players are considered dead.
  • If you require ID to pay out winnings, the time to take it is when players sign up and make their first deposit, not when they make their first large withdrawal of winnings. If you don’t require it for depositing, withdrawals should be the same.

Chat Rooms

  • Chat Moderators should be accountable should they ban a players from chat.
  • If players are expelled from chat, they should be sent a chat log of the discretion and an explanation of why they have been banned.

Closing Accounts

  • Companies should not be allowed to freeze a players assets without any kind of recompense or come back from the frozen player.
  • If a player chooses to close their account, companies should close them instantly and pay any money owing to the player.

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