Before choosing to enter all your personal details at any given bingo site its worth taking a look around and creating a form of online bingo check list that suits your needs and requirements when playing this great game on the internet. As with many any form of purchase you want to ensure that the product does what you require before entering your details. After all, you wouldn’t buy a washing machine that doesn’t spin your clothes or an iron that doesn’t get hot!

Each person’s online bingo check list will vary; some players will be more interested in any free bingo offerings whilst others may look for the slightly more enhanced deposit bonuses. As with all things online bingo, the choice is a very personal one.

Here we have compiled an online bingo check list of things that you really should look into before making a choice of online bingo site, other factors will be personal to you but the ones below are definite ‘must check’;

Terms and Conditions (T&C’s) for bingo bonuses and free bingo

Whatever welcome bonus that it is that grabs your attention at any given bingo site, be it a free bingo, no deposit bonus or a cash match bonus on your first deposit, ALWAYS check the terms and conditions of the bonus. Many new bingo players are left feeling disappointed after winning a big cash prize using their free bingo bonus only to find that because there have been no financial transactions between the player and the online bingo site, the money is not available for withdrawal and will be forever lost in the bingo bonus chasm. This is not true on all bingo sites, some allow you to make a small deposit and then winnings become available for withdrawal.

Another pitfall with bingo bonuses, even the cash match amounts on deposits, is that sometimes huge wagering requirements are made before any money is available for withdrawal. Again, this isn’t always the case but another reason why you should always read the online bingo sites T&C’s.

Some online bingo sites will simply deduct any remaining bingo bonus when you make a withdrawal whilst others will simply not let you withdraw until the wagering requirements set out by the site have been met.

All of the bonus rules vary from internet bingo site to site and details of the terms and conditions can be found on the T&C’s pages or under their Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s) page.

Withdrawing your bingo winnings

Of course we all play online bingo because we love the game but we also play in the hope that we will win! Therefore it makes perfect sense to check out the T&C’s for withdrawing your bingo winnings.

These can not only vary from site to site but also from one depositing method to another. When you deposit into an online bingo account using a debit card (with the exception of MasterCard) the money withdraw will almost always be credited back onto the card used to fund your online bingo account. However should you use a payment like Ukash then there is no bank account attached to the account and a cheque will need to be despatched.

The amount of time is takes between withdrawal and the money hitting your account varies from site to site and details are usually found under the ‘Cashier’ or ‘Banking’ section of any given bingo site.

These are just a couple of the main points to keep an eye out for when making an online bingo check list; the main advice would have to be simply read enough about the site before choosing to commit by way of a financial transaction.

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