When you play online bingo you will notice that sites offer you a choice of the type of bingo game that you can choose to play such as 75 ball, 80 ball or 90 ball bingo. However, in this current economic climate where people are curbing their spending habits as their finances are a bit tighter, more and more bingo sites are recognising the need to offer players the chance to play bingo for free. So let’s take a look at the different types of free bingo games that are on offer online.

Non Cash Prizes

There are a handful of bingo sites, such as freebingo.co.uk, which offer truly free bingo, i.e. no cash prizes for winning but more importantly no cash spend needed to play. So how does this work?

When you register at the start you will receive £4,000 free bingo pounds (FB£). These can be used like real money and you can choose how much you want to spend buying tickets for each game and should you be lucky enough to win your winnings will be added to your balance.

Unlike cash bingo sites claiming a win is not automatic so you will need to watch your own cards and then click on the claim button once you have completed 1 line, 2 lines or a full house.

There is a monthly prize draw where your accumulated FB£ are exchanged for entries into a prize draw for a chance to win prizes donated by online bingo sites. At midnight on the15th of each month all the FB£ you have accumulated during the month are exchanged for entries into the monthly prize draw where you could one of the prizes which include funded accounts at the site who are sponsoring that months prize draw.

Your balance will then be reset back to the minimum of FB£4,000 and you can then start again for the month.

As well as the monthly prize draw there is also a weekly draw where you could win yourself Paysafecard vouchers which you can use at most of the online bingo sites. You get an entry into the draw for every day that play at the site during the week. For me these are preferable to the funded accounts in the monthly prize draw as you can choose which site to use them at rather than be restricted to the site that’s offered the monthly prizes.

Real Cash Prizes

In recent months you may have noticed that there has been an influx of bingo sites that offer players the chance to play bingo for free 24 hours a day. What is even better news is that you actually win real cash as opposed to ‘Bingo Pounds’. So you can play for free, win cash prizes which you can then use to buy tickets in the ‘cash’ rooms at the site for a chance to win even more money.

Led by Cheeky Bingo and closely followed by the re-launched Posh Bingo and new bingo site Costa Bingo, free bingo is proving ever popular with bingo players as these sites offer players the chance to play for free, 24 hours a day, if finances a little tight but they also give players the option to fund their accounts and play in the cash bingo rooms as well. These three sites are surely onto a good thing as their popularity is increasing on a daily basis.

Although the prize pots in the free bingo rooms may be small ranging from £1 to £10, dependent at which site you play at, but should you be lucky enough to win in the free rooms you can then use your cash to buy tickets in the cash bingo rooms to try and win the bigger prize pots.

Another great feature of these sites is that several of them offer players daily free guaranteed jackpot games whereas other sites offer guaranteed jackpot games with tickets prices as low as 10p. So get a few wins in the free bingo rooms and you could buy tickets for the chance to win one of the guaranteed jackpot games. You will need to have to have funded your accounts at least once though before you can take part in the guaranteed jackpot games.

I wonder how long it will be before more of the established bingo sites start offering free guaranteed jackpot games for their players. We’ll have to just wait and see…

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