One of the great bonuses when playing online bingo is the opportunity to make friends with your fellow players. Many a long standing friendship has been struck up in a bingo chat room and whilst they start life in the virtual world, many people go on to meet up in the real world.  A few online bingo sites offer some form of bingo event or another and these are a great opportunity for friends in the virtual world to meet in the real one.

One of the most popular bingo events has to be the annual Foxy Bingo cruise, these have been sailing for a few years now and the feedback of the event from players has always been extremely positive.

Foxy Bingo vary the dates and destination for their cruises and have taken their members by P&O cruise to Bilboa and Bruges with the 2009 cruise sailing to Rotterdam. Tickets for the cruise are given away as prizes in special promotional games at the site, on the Foxy Facebook fan pages and a prizes by bingo affiliates. Players can also simply purchase tickets for this bingo event which boasts bingo games on board as well as the chance to meet up with your fellow bingo players from the Foxy chat rooms.

Other bingo events are organised by sites like; a site that is free to all players and has a great following in the world of online bingo. Recently the team from Free Bingo organised a player get together in Blackpool which proved to a resounding success. Free Bingo even have a dedicated “Players Meet” Area which details upcoming events and even has a photo album jam packed with pictures of previous bingo events held by Free Bingo.

Some bingo sites boast their own forums and as members swap life stories and events in their daily loves, strong friendships and bonds are formed. Whilst many bingo events may be organised by the operator of a site, sometimes it can be the players themselves that chose to get together. Take a look at the Think Bingo forum and there are plenty of different events that have taken place that were organised by the forum members, not the management. Trips to theme parks, parties at players houses – it all happens at Think Bingo. They even have a Think Bingo mascot who is passed around and photographed on this travels!

Whilst online bingo may not have the one to one contact on a daily basis, friendships are formed and maintained and the bingo events that take place all work to help keep building those friendships.

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