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Blocks At Tombola

A few years ago, if asked what was the most innovative of bingo brands online, many would have quickly responded with the answer Tombola. However, this has waned a little over the last couple of years as the developers appeared to spend their time and efforts on creating Tombola Arcade. Now that has been launched, it would appear the focus has moved back to bingo and a new game was added to the site not too long ago.

The game is Blocks and as the name suggests, it’s bingo but using Blocks rather than balls. Tombola offer their players multiple bet options for the game and these are either 10p, 25p, 50p, £1 or £2. This means something for all budgets.

Playing Blocks With Tombola

Like all the games at this site, you have a choice of rooms in which to play and they are

  • Harbour
  • Ocean
  • Mountain
  • Forest
  • Island

But what of the game itself? Does it have the playability of the likes of Cinco or Rollercoaster? Our opinion was that it wasn’t quite as good as the two games we referenced but it’s not a bad game.

When you have brought your ticket and the game gets underway, your screen shows a selection of blocks in a 7 x 7 grid. Each block is one of several different colours (red, green, pink, blue, purple or yellow).

At the point of the grid appearing, you earn points for the ‘Score Prize’ for each horizontal or vertical line of two or more same colour blocks (20 points for two, 30 points for three etc.).

When the game starts, blocks are removed that have the corresponding number on and if horizontal or vertical matches are made, more points are added to your score.

The other prize pot on the game is won when you have matched all blocks of one number in the Tombola game. That’s the block prize.

At this point, players with the highest score win the Score prize.

Please note that there are also jackpots available and these are won as follows:

  1. Call the full house in 8 numbers or less for the tier 1 jackpot that is worth x10,000 your original bet
  2. Call the full house in 9 or 10 numbers for the tier 2 jackpot that is worth x1,000 your original bet

The Game In Play At Tombola

Tombola - Blocks

You can play now at www.tombola.co.uk.

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