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The Bingo Academy Opens At Costa Bingo

The world of online bingo is ever-changing and new rules and regulations introduced mean that we are seeing operators having to think outside of the old box and find new ways to entice new players to their sites. Costa Bingo is one brand that certainly seems to be trying out many different ways and the latest is their Bingo Academy.

Although this appears to have been around for a couple of weeks now, we only noticed the introduction of the Bingo Academy at Costa Bingo about a week ago. What is it though? Well it’s 24 hours of completely free bingo awarded to new players from the moment that they register an account, no deposit required.

Please note this promotion currently has no end date

Costa Bingo Welcome Newbies

The concept of free bingo for newbies is not a new one at all and Costa Bingo have always had at least one room available to those who have only recently registered with the site.

However, the Bingo Academy is new and here’s what you can enjoy as a new player in the room:

  1. 90 ball games every £15 minutes
  2. Jackpots of £1.75 per game (one line for £0.25, two lines for £0.50 and the full house for £1.00)
  3. Access for 24 hours from the point of registration

The prize money on each game is real cash and therefore not subject to any wagering requirements. However, to be eligible to withdraw any winnings earned in the Bingo Academy at Costa Bingo, you do have to have made at least one deposit with the site.

The minimum deposit amount is £5 and the minimum withdrawal amount is the same.

Fancy a few lessons for free in the Bingo Academy? If so then head to www.costabingo.com.

Costa Bingo - Bingo Academy

T&C’s taken from the Costa Bingo promotional page

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