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TGIF At Gala Bingo

The weekend starts tomorrow and if you’ve not got any plans for the Friday before pay day, why not head on over to Gala Bingo and get involved in their Thank Gala It’s Friday promotion. Up for grabs in the new Friday night sessions are an array of laptops, iPads and other must have gadgets.

You can play your way to earning tickets for the session by opting in at Gala Bingo and then spending on bingo tickets. A deposit and spend on bingo tickets of £20 will get you into the session on the next Friday session in the Margarita Room at 7pm and 6 tickets.

This promotion is ongoing and as yet, has no end date.

Earning Extra Tickets At Gala Bingo

You are able to earn extra tickets for the prize session at Gala Bingo by spending more cash on site and here is what you can earn:

  • 12 tickets for a spend of between £30 and £39
  • 18 tickets for a spend of between £40 and £49
  • 24 tickets for a spend of between £50 and £59
  • 30 tickets for a spend of between £60 and £69
  • 36 tickets for a spend of between £7 0 and £79
  • 42 tickets maximum when you spend £80 or more

Qualifying for this promotion is done weekly between Friday and Thursday.

The Prize Games At Gala Bingo

At 7pm on a Friday the Margarita room will open and there will be ten games of bingo in the special session. If you have earnt tickets rather than purchased them, you do have to be in the room to claim them.

Tickets earnt during the promotional period will be awarded for each of the ten games but you can purchase others at a cost of 20p each to a maximum of 30 per player.

Each of the games has the following prize structure:

  • One line for £5
  • Two lines for £10
  • Full house for a tangible prize.

The latter changes for each game and are shown in the Terms and Conditions of the promotion at www.galabingo.com below.

Gala Bingo- TGIF

T&C’s taken from the Gala Bingo promotional page

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