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Dragonfish Bingo Jackpot Reshuffle

When it comes to keeping up with the Joneses’ in bingo, the Dragonfish network has sometimes lagged behind somewhat. Where other software platforms have multiple different bingo variants, 888 still has just three. However, over the last few months we have heard quite a few rumours of impending changes and we’re quite excited by it all.

One of the impending changes, and it has already started, is to the jackpot schedule. Some of the major jackpots are being removed from sites like 888 Bingo in the New Year, some have played their last but whilst we are saying goodbye to some of them, we’re going to be welcomeing quite a few more as of 1st January 2018.

Old Favourites Leaving Dragonfish

Already the Sure Win games, 1 and 2, have come to an end with the final Sure Win 1 having played on 15th December and Sure Win 2 finishing on 1st December. Also the Grab A Grand game have now finished. The rest of the jackpots to be removed, and their final dates, are listed below:

  • Zodiac – 21st December at 8pm
  • Funky Monkey – 30th December at 10.45pm
  • Peace – 31st December at 10.30pm
  • Woodstock – 31st December at 8.30pm
  • Weekender – 31st December at 10pm

New Arrivals At Dragonfish

The following are the new additions to the Dragonfish network:


Sunday at 10pm there is a 75 ball game with a sliding jackpot. Tickets cost 50p each and the minimum payout is £2,000 and the maximum jackpot is £10,000.


Mondays at 9.30pm there is a five-line bingo game with a £600 jackpot. Tickets are 5p each and each line pays £120.


Tuesdays at 9pm and the game is 90 ball. Tickets are 25p each and the prize money is £1,500. One line pays £250, two lines for £500 and the full house for £750.


Wednesdays at 9pm and the game is 75 ball. Tickets are 25p each and the £500 kitty will be split as £250 for the full house and then 1TG share £150 and 2TG share £100.


Thursdays at 9.30pm there is a 75 ball game with 25p tickets. There is a £1,000 prize pot and it all goes to the game winner.

Will you be checking out the new schedule at www.888bingo.com or another site on the Dragonfish network.

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