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Giant Bingo (And Others) Change Big Money Free Game

A recent visit to Giant Bingo revealed that there have been some major changes to what was one the £10K free Friday game. The first noticeable change to the Free Fi Fo game is that the prize money has been HALVED! Where it was once a game that boasted a £10,000 prize pool, players are now playing for just £5,000. Tickets are still free though….

Another change in the Giant Bingo freebie is that it is no longer played on a Friday. The game has moved to a Sunday at 9pm. The powers that be have also altered the game type, where previously you had lots of chances to win (or lose because there were 1TG and 2TG prizes) in the 90 ball game, it’s now a 75 ball game.

The changes don’t stop there! If it wasn’t bad enough that they jackpot has been halved, even worse is that even the £5,000 isn’t guaranteed as a payout because the final amendment is that the jackpot has gone from guaranteed to sliding!

Sliding Jackpot Scale At Giant Bingo

For players, this means that for the most part, the chances are that each week only the minimum amount of £500 will be won. Here’s how the jackpot decreases the more numbers that are called:

  • Call bingo in 24 to 29 calls – £5,000
  • Bingo in 30 to 40 calls – £3,000
  • Coverall in 41 to 45 calls – £2,000
  • Call house in 46 – 50 calls – £1,000
  • Win in any other number of calls – £500

Footnote: You should note that it isn’t only www.giantbingo.com whose free jackpot has been halved, this has happened across all of the Mandalay Media / Intertain brands that offered the big money free game weekly.

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