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Network Bingo And Mandalay Media

What makes a bingo network a network? That’s a very good question, and until now we’ve always based our network findings on several things, namely shared bingo rooms and shared chat and promotions but it seems that bingo sites can be networked in all kinds of ways, and separate chat rooms and promotions don’t always mean non-networked bingo.

Last week Rio Bingo launched (review to follow), and industry insiders were surprised to find so many players in the bingo rooms of a brand new bingo site. Rio Bingo has launched on the Mandalay Media brand, well known for many standalone bingo brands such as City Bingo, Fancy Bingo and others. However, after an investigation into the brands, we discovered that all was not how it seemed!

Anyone who plays at Rio Bingo, City Bingo, Fancy Bingo, or Sing Bingo will be aware of the fantastic unique promotions that all the sites run weekly and monthly, the chat rooms are unique and offers a brilliant community bingo experience. However, now it’s clear that the bingo rooms are shared between all the sites, so the players in one site are actually playing against players from all the sites on the Mandalay Media brand.

We’re definitely not trying to take anything away from these bingo brands, what a great way to do network bingo. Players still have unique promotions and unique chat rooms, but the rooms pack a punch and many players definitely keep things interesting! Although, that said it would be nice to see the industry being a little more transparent about exactly where players are spending their money!

And all of this because the brand new Rio Bingo has launched, and there are a LOT of players in the bingo rooms!

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