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What Does The Fox Say – Foxy Replies

Have you heard the new track from Ylvis? ‘What does the Fox say’ it a new track from Norwegian comedy duo Ylvis, and in three weeks since its launch, it’s had over 58 million hits on You Tube, no joke! The song is pretty bizarre, with some of the weirdest lyrics we have ever heard ‘Dog goes woof, cat goes meow’, breaking into the ‘What does the Fox say’ chorus, and now Foxy, the most famous fox of all has replied.

If you aren’t one of the 58 million people (and me, twice) who have watched the video on You Tube so far, then get ready for one of the funniest musical experience ever, topped only by Foxy’s reply.

Here’s the original Ylvis video (58 million and 1):

Well, by the time we’d watched that we were pretty gobsmacked to be honest, it’s completely bizarre, totally off the wall and hilariously funny. Ah, but what is that we spy in the suggested videos bar? It’s the reply, from Foxy Bingo’s Foxy and he’s got it all to say here, starting with ‘So I listed to that ‘What’s the fox say’ song on t’internet – dog goes woof, cat goes meow – it’s not Gary Barlow now is it? Here’s the full video for you to enjoy:

As viral marketing goes, it’s genius; as topping the comedians go, it’s comedy genius. It doesn’t surprise us at all, that Fox has made some odd appearances over the years and this one pretty much tops the lot. Ylvis may have got more than they bargained for with this viral hit, and they might have some competition from that Fox at www.foxybingo.com.

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