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Little Big Bingo Changes From Standalone To Network

Recently we saw some major changes to some of the Cashcade brands with four of their big names moving from standalone to part of the bigger Cashcade network. The four brands involved were Bingo Scotland, Mirror Bingo, ITV Bingo and Rollover Bingo. However a recent visit to one of the other brands from Cashcade, Little Big Bingo, revealed that this site has also fallen foal of the move.

We’re unsure of when this happened but can tell you that playing at Little Big Bingo now means that you are competing against all other players on the Cashcade network of sites rather than just players who have registered with Little Big Bingo.

The change isn’t apparent on the home page and we’ve no recollection of receiving notification about the change, in fact it only came to light after a recent visit to the site. Logging in ready to play at Little Big Bingo we found the lobby had an all too familiar feel. Gone were the unqiue room names and in comes standard rooms to the network like Bingotastic, Nifty Fifty and 5 Alive along with the standard pre-buy jackpot games that you will find at any other site on the network.

Gone is the unique colour scheme in the rooms, in fact all the unique offers that Little Big Bingo bought to the table have all but gone. Yes, the site offers a double deposit bonus on first transactions in comparison with most brands on this network but is that enough?

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