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New Network From Cashcade

Here at bingo.vg we are often given news before the players at a site and this is what happened recently with regards to four of the brands that are under the Cashcade hat. The four brands involved are Bingo Scotland, ITV Bingo, Mirror Bingo and Rollover Bingo, all names that you have probably come across in the world of bingo online. Now three of the four brands are all standalone (exception being Mirror Bingo) but in the coming months you are going to see that changes as the sites merge to become a new network from Cashcade.

The first to change is Bingo Scotland and if you are a player at that site then today is the day that things alter at this online bingo brand. As yet (having written this news last night) we are unsure of what exactly the changes mean for the players.

We’re hoping that despite joining a bigger network that Bingo Scotland maintains it’s forum because for many years this has been a place where the players come together and share their latest news, catch up on the latest happenings at the brand and generally have a chin wag.

We popped along to the forum to see what had been said and were shocked to find that absolutely nothing has been posted informing players of the change. In our opinion that’s a poor show to say the least. There has been speculation that with so many brands available now there just aren’t the players to maintain the brands as standalone sites and this of course could well be true. Let’s just hope the changes to www.bingoscotland.com and the other brands are not too major!

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