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Cheeky Bingo Smile Advert

Cheeky Bingo launched onto our monitors back in February 2009 as the first brand to offer the online player free bingo 24/7 but whilst it was the first with the no cost offerings, some other brands soon caught on and started doing the same deal for players only better. A new commercial for Cheeky Bingo has hit the small screen in an effort to address the balance and we quite like it.

Of course the star of the new commercial is the feminine bingo ball, the mascot of Cheeky Bingo but in the new adverts she is no longer handing out autographs and kisses, simply bouncing down the streets of our country professing that “something rather cheeky is going on.”

The first scene shows a cartoon lady jogging past the mascot lacking a smile, Cheeky snaps her fingers and the jogger has a huge beam across her face. A knock on a nearby door has it opened by another non-smiling cartoon, another snap of the fingers and she too is smiling. The post box she bumps into also dons a smile!

Here is the ad for Cheeky Bingo:

The background music, Sun Street by Katrina and the Waves, really sets the mood for the new Cheeky Bingo Smile Advert and it’s one that is going to stick in the mind of many a viewer. However what really stands out in this commercial is the offer of the chance to win £5,000 for FREE and this is going to be happening for the next THREE weeks – 18th March, 25th March and 1st April – three chances to win a massive cash jackpot for FREE. Head on over to www.cheekybingo.com now and claim your six free tickets!

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