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Dragonfish Move The Free Bingo Goalposts

On 20th December 2010 all of the Dragonfish networked brands like ABC Bingo, Bingo Me Happy and Game On Bingo (to name but a few) saw the introduction of three daily free bingo games. This was a welcome addition to the network but sadly, like many other great player offers, it was short lived.

Logging in to Bingo Lottery yesterday we could no longer find the three free bingo games that were recently launched across the network and further investigation found that they had been removed to be replaced with 30 free games a day in the Speedy and Free room.

What are we complaining about – well compare the prizes and you’ll see!

Previous offerings: 7am game – 50,000 in bingo points to be won, 8.30pm game – 150,000 bingo points to be won, 11.45pm game – 50,000 in bingo points to be won. That’s a grand total of £250 in bonuses given away daily with the old free bingo games.

New offering: Of all the games played daily in Speedy and Free, the majority of which are pay to play games, just 15% are free games. Of the 15% the free games have jackpots as follows:

  • 6% – £3 jackpots
  • 5% – £5 jackpots
  • 4% – £10 jackpots

This means 12 games have £3 jackpots, 10 games have £5 jackpots and 8 games with £10 jackpots – a total of £166 in free bonuses a day. Nearly £100 less per day than the previous offering – quite a saving from the bottom line and probably very needed when you are trying to sell to Ladbrokes!

Throw into the mix that Cassava have taken to banning multiple players for supposed bonus abuse and you have to wonder if this isn’t all just a cost cutting exercise to get the books to look the healthiest they can to get the best price possible in any sale. It all adds up to not a very good deal for the players!

At this point we have to say that the owners of skins like Gold Medal Bingo, Online Bingo Chief and other brands like it have absolutely no control of the addition of games, removal of promotions or banning of players – they are simply the people who hand over a hefty chunk of change each month for the privilege, and we use the term loosely, of having a Dragonfish skin.

As a footnote we’d like to ask politely, to anyone at 888/Dragonfish who is reading this, with Ladbrokes now looking at PlayTech as an acquisition, should the sale not go through of 888, is it possible that all of the people you have banned for winning and cashing out but labelled as bonus abusers could have their accounts re-opened?

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