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SuperBooks At William Hill Bingo

How many times have you been playing in one of the free games at William Hill Bingo and wished that the prize money was slightly more impressive? Well things are changing with the free bingo games at this online bingo site as Superbooks arrive at William Hill Bingo!

So what exactly are the William Hill Bingo SuperBooks? When you see the symbol that looks very much like the logo of SuperMan in any of the private rooms it means that you can upgraded your free bingo tickets to pay to play ones thus creating better prizes for the players who have chosen to upgrade.

There are two options for upgrade with Superbooks, Free or 5x and Free or 10x and there is no obligation to upgrade if you prefer to continue playing with no cost at all, you can even choose to upgrade just some of your free tickets rather than all using the slider that will appear before the game starts. For those players who do choose to make the most of the Superbooks upgrade at William Hill Bingo of course you want to know what the financial rewards will be.

If a player wins and has upgraded using Superbook then the prize money is multiplied by their chosen upgraded, either x5 or x10. If a pot is split between two winners and only one has upgraded using the Superbooks at William Hill Bingo then the prize fund will be split as per the following example:

Player A does not upgrade but Player B upgrades to x5. The prize pot is £10 and both players call on the number 25. Play A gets half of the pot, £5 whilst Player B gets £5 x 5 which is £25.

It really is that simple with the Superbooks at www.williamhillbingo.com!

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