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Gala Bingo Worcester, Foregate Street

Gala Bingo
21 Foregate Street
West Midlands

Telephone Number: 01905 29941

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Session Times

Day Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri Sat Sun
Morning Session N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A
Afternoon Session 12.00pm 12.00pm 12.00pm 12.00pm 12.00pm 12.45pm N/A
Evening Session 6.50pm 6.50pm 6.50pm 6.50pm 6.50pm 6.50pm 6.50pm

We recommend you contact the club direct to confirm times and get up to date session prices.

Telephone: 01905 29941

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15 Comments on “Gala Bingo Worcester, Foregate Street”

lorraine dance Says:

a fantastic night out and the food is fab my husband and I treat ourselves 2 the burger meal and that includes a free drink its cooked 2 perfection and it costs £4.99 FANTASTIC VALUE happy and helpful staff in fact it would b good for a birthday party or a works party and best of all u can win some nice cash to boost oh and at the moment u could win a holiday 2 las vegas what more could u ask and its FREE 2 get in.

lorraine dance Says:

its my comment above and its 4 forgate street in Worcester.

christopher carroll Says:

Fantastic night, let down today when I revived a £50.00 parking ticket charge from your car park saying sufficient parking payment was not made, I paid for a ticket and it wasnt even expired
Either gala or your highview parking are trying to con people who visit your venue

BingoGal Says:


We can’t speak for all clubs but some have introduced a system whereby you have to enter your car registration on a keypad within the club. This may be the case at your local hall. Worth a call to the club manager?



Carol Says:

Same here, went to bingo on the 2nd June…. pay ticket machine was not working at all when we arrived, looked around and no other cars in park had tickets in windows so thought it was ok to park and went on to bingo where I did mention the machine was not working to a floor staff member, who told me it would be ok this time as machine was not working. 2 Weeks later got a fine from Highview ……think this Bingo and Highview need to sort themselves out. The property owner are responsible for the up keep of the machine so folks can purchase a ticket and they should check this out before issuing fines, this act can be deemed profiteering, fraud and entrapment on their behalf. I will be fighting this fine to the courts and then start a facebook campaign against this bingo hall for my distress caused by my visit to this bingo in Worcester city… sort your act out…I will not be coming back and I will make sure others know of this problem and scam.

Jon Welch Says:

Do we need to be a member, or can we just turn up and play

BingoGal Says:

Hi Jon

You can just turn up at the club and sign up there and then or alternatively visit Gala Bingo online and register there.



r mccluskey Says:

same here parked at pay and and display had a valid ticket now getting pending court letters , i mean who keeps their ticket 2 weeks after parking most people chuck them away the same day , very sneaky………….scam artists

B Todd Says:

I paid for three hours, and left the car park before it expired and two weeks later got a charge notice.
I am in the process of appeal, but this is a scam. I see other customers have had the same problem

Steve Says:

Went as part of a birthday celebration with colleagues, got parking ticket when i called day after the attitude of staff was appalling, later found out it was duty manager called patsy. I stopped going to gala few years ago but heard it was new staff and they’ve still got an attitude problem, will go back to the majestic as customer service is non existent at the gala

P Montgomery Says:

Car park is scam my partner used it to drive though to go home and back to work and got a fine. We have asked for the camra shots of camera 2 but they say they have no footage of the car what a scam they should be stopped

E Chandler Says:

DO NOT USE THIS CAR PARK! I used this car park on the 19th dec 2016, paid for 2hrs parking and left roughly an hour and 20mins later only to recieve a £50 2 weeks later from Highview parking like others stated above. I also binned the pay and diplay ticket as to be honest, who ever keeps them?! Doing further research into Highview parking, I found forums with hundreds of people stating the same thing, Highview parking are bloody con artists and have refused my appeal and refused to show me their ‘evidence’ of me not adequately paying for parking. Now taking it up with POPLA, they’re not getting a penny from me.

Collier Says:

AS ALREADY STATED, DO NOT USE THIS CAR PARK! I received a fine on the same day (19th Dec) as the person above. The machine was not working when i tried, there’s a big sign on the wall with “parkjockey” web address to pay online but there is no coverage in the car park to do this. Another couple who were having exactly the same trouble pointed out a tiny sign on the side of the machine with a number to call to pay by phone. I rang this number, bought a ticket for 12hrs, was only approx 5 hrs, the money has gone out of my bank, yet i still received a £50 fine. I’m appealing and absolutely won’t pay. Their system clearly doesn’t work and they need to get their acts together to get it sorted, from what I’ve read online this has been going on your years, scamming lots of people. Maybe a call to watchdog is needed!

Evan harris Says:

Same: car park is a scam received fine when machines were not working 21st October 17, WILL NOT PAY happy to go to court this is blatant profiteering

Barlow Says:

I used this car park for 1st time last month and got a charge notice . lmao..,.,. I have the parking ticket that I paid for I was 45 mins only( PROOF )Watch this space 😉

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