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Mecca Bingo Aberdeen, Berryden Road

Mecca Bingo
Berryden Road

Telephone Number: 01224 641998

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Session Times

Day Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri Sat Sun
Morning Session 11.15am 11.15am 11.15am 11.15am 11.15am 11.15am N/A
Afternoon Session 1.30pm 1.30pm 1.30pm 1.30pm 1.30pm 2.00pm 2.00pm
Evening Session 7.30pm 7.30pm 7.30pm 7.30pm 7.30pm 7.30pm 7.30pm

We recommend you contact the club direct to confirm times and get up to date session prices.

Telephone: 01224 641998

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11 Comments on “Mecca Bingo Aberdeen, Berryden Road”

Elena Ewen Says:

I go to the Mecca here nearly every Friday evening. Tonight was no exception! But I am getting disillusioned!!
Since the club was ‘modernised’ last year something has changed and it is not such an enjoyable experience. The decor is dull, the lighting is not very good in places and the past friendly ambience is no longer in evidence. Preference seems to be given to those who sit in the social lounge. Staff numbers appear to have been cut and those who are in the main auditorium do not seem to realise they are providing a service for those of us who ‘pay to play’. A smile or a friendly word seems to be out of the question! The new method of ordering meals at the bar in the same queue as those who are buying drinks (with usually only one or two members of staff dealing with a long queue) is not a good one and the waiting time for the meal to be delivered is equally not as good. You end up trying to play bingo and eat at the same time which is NOT a good plan. The meal goes cold or over your bingo books.
At times it seems that the ‘table bingo’ where you pump money in to machines is far more important than those games called in the normal way. I appreciate you run a business to make money but the speed at which the ‘normal’ games are played (so that a sizeable number of table games can be crammed in) takes the enjoyment out of the evening.
Tonight the calling staff seemed to be ‘niggling’ one another and not concentrating fully on the job they were supposed to be doing and mistakes were being made.
None of the music played before the sessions start is very enjoyable to listen to and the tune which accompanies the ‘Countdown’ game is quite awful.
I am sure these are not the comments you would like to read but I was giving the ‘new club’ a chance to settle and in my experience it has not done that.
As a pensioner on limited income my weekly visit to the club is mainly on a Friday evening and my comments are in respect of what I see on that evening. Other days may be different!!
In that respect therefore I give the club a rating of 3/5.

Frank Anderson Says:

I agree totally with the comments above and although you complain it falls on deaf ears. The ambiance that used to be here in the Club is no longer present and two of the best people have left and the void is quite noticeable.
The shortage of staff is a real issue at the bar when people are trying to order meals and others are trying to get a drink, more often than not only 1 bar is open so the queues are daunting to say the least.

m maddison Says:

I would like an adress for head office or email adress

m maddison Says:

still waiting a reply

BingoGal Says:

Mecca Bingo Head Office can be contacted using the following methods:

Customer Services, Mecca Bingo, P.O. Box 70695, London, SW1P 9ZR.

0800 083 1988

I would just like to point out that we are nothing to do with Mecca Bingo, we simply provide information about their clubs.

Jeanette Says:

I go 3/4 times a week I just love it . I would not put a downer on it at all. Love B.I.N.G.O X

LOUIS m Says:

Like it when I win hate it when I don’t win going this afternoon so fingers crossed

Charlene Says:

I’m a long standing member of the club over 20 years but the Mecca in Aberdeen is the most corrupt bingo hall ever I have a relation who goes morning afternoon and night and has her max unit reserved every time for her and her friends I can tell you in the last year I have personally witnessed her win on EVERY OCCASSION she must be britains luckiest player!!!!!! Sonething a drift if you ask me when your winning everytime you visit and usually a big win!!! And your buying all the staff their meals I go to bingo in the chance I might be lucky like most people and as a way of getting out but from this day forward I will not be going back to the Mecca in Aberdeen because of the issues I have with the management and the corruption between them staff and players. DONT say I didn’t warn you all first here!!

Gill Says:

Is it not about time that Mecca Aberdeen spends some of it’s not inconsiderable profits on some air conditioning. The heat in that Hall tonight was not pleasant, several people were finding it hard to breathe because there is no air in the hall. I personally went home at the half-time break, leaving my second half books with a stranger. If I want to play in a dark dingy sauna, I will make it one of my choosing!!!!!!

Alison Lansdell Says:

I didn’t find your bingo to be frendly at all . My fun night was not , after working all week like most . Looking forward to a night out with the girls at your bingo ,berryden Aberdeen . Alex said I was not a member . To go back to the end of the cue and fill in a form . ( I am a member actually .and can bring my card in with me to prove so . ) then proceeds to get cash out of your cash dispenser at 7.15 two machines not working . One was picky what card it would take the other had no cash in it. At that time a fri. Would you not fill it !! . Then break , Over to bar to Oder food and drink , The lady at counter . Butts in to say please. Before I have even finished talking . She was always going to get a please and thank you. What’s with your bingo staff. !! Bad experience all round . Hope you read this and change for the better . Until then I won’t be back .

Irina Sadovska Says:

Really poor customer service-I ordered my food at 18.43 and now is 20.30 and still waiting my order. Disappointed ????

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