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VIP Benefits At Sun Bingo

Tuesday, Apr. 18th 2017 7:54 AM

Not only is Sun Bingo one of the best sites for promotions that change month on month to offer great prizes and cash jackpots, it’s also a great site for rewards to its loyal players. These come in the form of the VIP benefits and there are four different levels at the site, each offering their own bonuses etc.

A Sun Bingo player starts as a Bronze player and with this level enjoys 3% cashback up to £100 every day, up to £20 each week as a cash match bonus with a 50% deposit match, monthly VIP exclusive bingo sesions, birthday bonuses, and weekly exclusive prizes, cash draws and more.

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Happy 2013 From Tasty Bingo

Wednesday, Dec. 19th 2012 7:48 AM

It’s a week until Christmas and many online bingo brands have certainly been showing a lot of festive spirit with an abundance of impressive promotions available across the Internet. However, even though the big man in the red suit has still to make an appearance, some brands are also looking forward to the New Year and Tasty Bingo is one such brand. On New Year’s Day at 9.45pm there is a £3,000 jackpot on offer at this site and tickets are £2 each.

If the budget doesn’t stretch to the cost of the tickets because there is too much month left before the next pay day then why not try and earn a free ticket or two by accumulating points for the game? Tasty Bingo are offering players the chance to get a free ticket for every 500 points they earn between now and 24th December!

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Sneak Peek In The New House At Big Brother Bingo

Thursday, May. 17th 2012 7:31 AM

The new series of Big Brother is set to hit our television screens in the not too distant future and once again we’ll see reality TV at its best as social misfits are crammed into the house. How would you like to take a peek into the new Big Brother House, even before the new housemates check it out? Well that’s the prize on offer in one of the promotions at Big Brother Bingo but you only have until 20th May to get your prize draw entry.

There isn’t a lot to be done for your chance to win this prize from Big Brother Bingo; simply login to your account, visit the online cashier and make a deposit of at least £5 using the code VIP.

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Stacey Solomon Stripped Of Foxy Bingo Crown

Thursday, Mar. 8th 2012 7:44 AM

If you’re a fan of Foxy Bingo then the chances are you have been following the Foxy Bingo Celeb Mum of the Year. Last year we saw Stacey Solomon take the crown but following recent newspaper pictures of her smoking whilst pregnant, Foxy Bingo are reported to have stripped her of the title. Not only has her crown reported to have been taken back but she is no longer a judge for this year’s title.

Personally, whilst I don’t condone smoking whilst pregnant, surely the stress from all the media coverage of the situation is far worse for her unborn child than the harm that will have been caused by having a sneaky puff on a cigarette? Foxy Bingo have explained the situation on the dedicated Celebrity Mum of the Year page and there doesn’t seem to be any ill feeling towards Stacey.

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Paddy’s Day Free Games At Costa Bingo

Wednesday, Mar. 7th 2012 7:45 AM

St Patrick’s Day is fast approaching as all keen online bingo players know many brands will start offering themed promotions over the next week or so. Costa Bingo is one such brand and whilst there isn’t anything Irish about the games, as a player, you’ll be hoping for the Luck of the Irish on the four free bingo games each with a £1,000 jackpot.

Unfortunately not all games are open to all players at Costa Bingo; it’s dependent on your loyalty level at the site as to how many of the four games you can participate in. Each game is 75 ball, all tickets are free and each game boasts a £1,000 but have you spent enough at Costa Bingo to be able to play all four games?

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