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Chill Out At Treasure Bingo

Friday, Jun. 30th 2017 4:50 AM

It’s a hard life being a pirate, with many long hours spent battling the oceans in the hope of finding a ship or two to plunder. Whilst not on duty, they like to relax and enjoy a few of the finer things in life, such as a nice cold drink at the end of the day. Treasure Bingo want their roomies to experience the best of things too, so have lined up a fantastic Captain Chill Out promotion.

Captain Chill Out is a special 75-ball Treasure Bingo game that is all set to play at 10:30pm on Wednesday 5th July. The lucky winner of this game will be sailing away with a stylish Russell Hobbs 90cm American style fridge freezer in red, that is sure to look great in any kitchen. If you are worried it won’t fit, don’t panic, because if you win, you have the option of taking £700 cash instead.

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Mermaid Musical At Treasure Bingo

Friday, Nov. 18th 2016 5:11 AM

The cute little pirates over at Treasure Bingo don’t have the benefit of television or radio whilst sailing the high seas, so they have to reply on the beautiful dulcet tones of the local mermaid for entertainment. They appreciate that their roomies don’t have such worries, but going out for the night to enjoy some live music or a bit of culture can be a costly affair, unless of course you are lucky enough to win the Mermaid Musical promotion.

This very special promotion from Treasure Bingo is running until 11pm on Friday 25th November when it ends in a 75-ball bingo game. Up for grabs is a £500 Ticket Master gift card which can be used to pay for concerts, musicals or any other events you might fancy. If you are not a culture lover, don’t worry as you can choose to take £500 cash if you prefer.

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Play Bonus Truth Or Dare At Treasure Bingo

Sunday, May. 15th 2016 7:03 AM

Over the last few months we have seen many changes to the way brands offer both welcome bonuses and reloads to their players. Treasure Bingo have mixed it up a little bit more for their bingo hearties with a little game of Truth or Dare.

No, you’re not going to have to reveal your innermost secrets to Treasure Bingo, nor are you going to be asked to run up and down your street with your t-shirt over your head as a dare. The Truth or Dare element of this promotion comes into play when choosing a bonus code for your reloads. The Truth is available for all to see, but the Dare – well that’s a risk you have to choose to take or not.

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Naughty Pirates Jackpots At Treasure Bingo

Wednesday, Sep. 2nd 2015 7:39 AM

Treasure Bingo do the seafaring theme pretty well with some fantastic themed promotions, and these often revolve around jackpot games, prize bingo and free and cheap tickets. This September they don’t disappoint with an announcement that they’ll be taking part in the big £200,000 jackpot game on 25th September, and the exclusive Naughty Pirates promo where you can win big jackpots without breaking the bank!

The £200,000 game is playing across a big selection of 888 software sites but tickets are limited so be quick, but today we’re looking at the Naughty Pirates promotion at Treasure Bingo playing every Wednesday in September!

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Naughty Pirates At Treasure Bingo

Wednesday, Aug. 19th 2015 7:17 AM

We all love to grab the loot but this month at Treasure Bingo you’ll have to watch out for the naughty pirates as they are swashbuckling their way to the treasure too! The buccaneers have been locked up but you can help to release them by joining in a series of special jackpot games this month, and with tickets from just a penny you won’t want to miss out!

There’s been a game every Wednesday this August but don’t worry you’ve only missed half of them as there are still two more weekly games to play until the month’s out. The tickets cost very little and the jackpots are real cash, so grab a cutlass and join in the fun now at Treasure Bingo!

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