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Sun Bingo Wants You To Pick N’ Mix

Monday, Apr. 16th 2018 7:19 AM

Do you remember the Pick N’ Mix in Woolworths? How many times to you sneak a sweet without paying for it? Well the latest promotion at Sun Bingo has many a treat on offer but their Pick N’ Mix is full of cash prizes and tangible gifts rather than tasty goodies (and a tad more expensive).

At the beginning of the month the Pick N’ Mix promotion got underway at Sun Bingo and already 10 pamper treats and afternoon tea for two vouchers and 10 £100 Love2Shop vouchers have been won as well as £3,000 in cash! You haven’t missed out completely though, there are still two weeks left and another £3,000 in cash and £2,000 of other prizes to be won.

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Are You Gonna Bingo With Sun Bingo?

Thursday, Mar. 1st 2018 7:13 AM

We have said time and time again that what makes a great online bingo advert, or a commercial for any product, is one that catches the viewers attention. Look at the brands that you know as soon as you hear a certain tune, and you’ll know that catchy music also works really well. The new Sun Bingo has both!

I showed the new Sun Bingo advert to my 20 year old daughter, she is currently in the front room singing “Are you gonna bingo”, so jobs a good ‘un in my opinion! She’s probably the target audience for the brand, but when asked if it would make her check out the site, her response was “No, I don’t play bingo.”

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The Death Of Newspaper Bingo

Friday, Nov. 18th 2011 7:53 AM

Up until recently there were a number of newspaper bingo brands available to play online; we had Mail Bingo, Daily Express Bingo, News of the World Bingo, Mirror Bingo and of course, Sun Bingo but yesterday we saw yet another of the newspaper bingo brands close their virtual doors! Of the sites we have just listed only Mirror and Sun Bingo remain but Mirror Bingo is part of the Cashcade network so doesn’t really have anything new to offer however Sun Bingo remains at the top of its game.

Daily Express Bingo closed when the Cyberbingo network disbanded and News of the World Bingo after the phone hacking scandal and the end to the publication of its namesake tabloid publication but what’s happened to Mail Bingo? Are we seeing the death of newspaper bingo?

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News Of The World Bingo Closes

Wednesday, Jul. 13th 2011 8:10 AM

Last week the news was awash with details of the News of the World hacking allegations and following on from this the last ever publication of the popular Sunday newspaper appeared on stands on Sunday 10th July. With all this happening it will come as no shock to our readers to find that now News of The World Bingo (NOTW Bingo) has closed it’s virtual doors. However whilst this brand has closed players need not be overly concerned because any money in the accounts at NOTW Bingo have been transferred to Sun Bingo.

We had an account at NOTW Bingo and on hearing the news that the site had closed we used our logins from NOTW to login and play at Sun Bingo so although as yet there has been no official announcement about the closure and migration it most certainly appears to be what is happening.

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To Play Or Not To Play Chat Games

Friday, Dec. 24th 2010 8:19 AM

Many online bingo brands offer chat games in their bingo rooms; these games are an integral part of any site and offer the players the chance to win loyalty points of free bonus cash to top up their balance. Now the reason we ask the question “to play or not to play?” is simple; it used to be that chat games were predominantly producing random winners but this seems to have changed over recent years. Take a look at most sites chat games schedule, especially those powered by Globalcom/888/Dragonfish and you’ll find most are “bingo winner” games. Is is that chat hosts are becoming lazy?

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