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Heart Bingo Offer Summer Plays

Sunday, Jul. 16th 2017 7:58 AM

Over recent months we have seen a few changes at Heart Bingo and the most noticeable, in our opinion at least, has been the improvement to the promotional schedule. Each month we have seen a new offer added and often, these bring the chance to win some fabulous prizes. July is no different and at the start of the month they launched their Summer Plays promotion.

The best part of the latest deal from Heart Bingo is that it is free to enter for ALL players. Whether you’re and existing player or simply create an account to get involved in this promotion, you have a chance of winning one of the 144 prizes being given away on 24th July.

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June Specials At Tombola Bingo

Thursday, Jun. 8th 2017 7:11 AM

When it comes to promotions, Tombola don’t push the boat out in the same way as many sites online today. However, whilst they may not offer an array of tangible prizes in their promotional schedule, the cash jackpots available in their specials are second to none.

June looks set to be just as impressive at Tombola Bingo with a variety of different specials across the many games that they host at the site. There are Bingo 50 specials, offers for Bingo Lite, Bingo Roulette Riches and much more besides. Look out for the 80’s weekend and Cinco Links too! There’s definitely going to be something to cater for all tastes this month.

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New Dragonfish Promotions At Bingo Ballroom

Sunday, Feb. 14th 2016 7:12 AM

Over the last few months we have seen an array of new promotions launched at Dragonfish networked sites like Bingo Ballroom. The latest addition to the array of deals that each brand has to offer is the big £200K jackpot game that happens in just a couple of weeks time.

Tickets for the game are on sale now at a cost of £1 each but remember, ticket sales are limited to 600,000 across the network of sites (including Bingo Ballroom) and the standalone brands like Wink, 888Ladies and Foxy etc. The prize pool will be split as £100,000 between the one line, two line and full house winners and the remaining, shared amongst all those who had a ticket in the game.

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New Prize Store At Wink Bingo

Thursday, Aug. 27th 2015 7:14 AM

A new feature has landed at Wink Bingo and other brands from 888, the Prize Store, and it is one that looks set to make life a lot easier for both the players and operators alike. With many sites now offering you the chance to win a tangible prize, all to often we have to wait quite some time before these are delivered. It looks as though the Prize Store is set to change all that with players now able to claim and arrange delivery of their own prizes using a voucher code.

This new feature is currently available at sites like Wink Bingo, 888Ladies, Red Bus Bingo, Posh Bingo etc but the chances are, at some point in the not too distant future this will be rolled out to the sites on the Dragonfish network too.

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Tidy Bingo Exclusives

Sunday, Apr. 26th 2015 7:06 AM

As a regular reader at the chances are you will be aware that Tidy Bingo is our very own pay to play brand. We try not to bombard you with biased reviews of our site, or wax lyrical too often about what we have to offer that other brands on the network don’t have but a recent blog post by our very own CM Blondie at the site made us realise that actually, we do substantially more than many other sites on the network.

Comparatively speaking there are just a few other brands on the 15 Network who, on occasion, have something different to the standard promotions to offer. Film Bingo does a monthly exclusive, Lucky Rainbow have their very own free bingo game and Rocket Bingo have been known to do something every now and again (although not on a regular basis). Tidy Bingo on the other hand does an exclusive every month and adds new regular features often.

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