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Rocket Bingo Wednesday Puzzles

Thursday, May. 18th 2017 7:04 AM

On any given online bingo network there are sites that stand out from the crowd, sites that do more than others on the same network and offer exclusive offers and deals to their players. Rocket Bingo is one such site. Of late we have seen them offer more and more and the most recent addition is the Rocket Puzzles.

Every Wednesday on their Facebook page, Rocket Bingo will post a new puzzle and by solving it, you’re in with a chance of winning real cash prizes, Love2Shop vouchers, free spins or Amazon vouchers. The details of the prize for each puzzle will be listed when it goes live.

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Bingo Godz – Player Feedback

Thursday, Oct. 24th 2013 7:52 AM

A recent post on Facebook by the Bingo Godz team spoken of ‘recent site problems’ and offered an apology to players as well as a little reassurance. Bingo Godz has been open just a short while but there have been a few little glitches since launch, glitches that are being addressed by the technical team. Despite these issues (which appear to be becoming more and more of a rarity) players seem to have taken the brand to their hearts.

We checked out some of the player feedback on Facebook and Twitter about Bingo Godz. Remember it is very rare that someone will take the time to post a compliment but a common occurrence that a complaint will be aired publicly.

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Chat Games at Bet365 Bingo

Tuesday, Jan. 3rd 2012 7:19 AM

One of the best things about online bingo is the social side of things that happen in the chat rooms but there is more to gain in chat than just forming friendships because many sites of chat games that pay out bingo bonuses to the chat game winner. Here we take a look at some of the chat games on offer at Bet365 Bingo and whether or not, like many sites with lazy chat hosts, the site awards winner of the bingo game with the bonuses!

I’m sure as an avid bingo player you know what I mean; when a chat game winner is decided by the winner of the actual game – pointless to my mind because bingo bonuses should be awarded to players who haven’t won so they can continue playing. Anyway, let’s see what the Bet365 Bingo chat games have to offer.

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Chat Hosts At Dragonfish

Monday, Nov. 14th 2011 7:14 AM

A new site launched recently on the Dragonfish network and whilst I’m pretty bored of writing about sites that offer the same old bingo experience, Nutty Bingo has made an effort to be different with a £5 free welcome bonus with no deposit required and an increased first deposit offer for new players. For this reason I popped along to see if there was anything else different about the brand and actually managed to upset a chat host in the process!

Now our readers may be aware that I believe SOME chat hosts are redundant, that in many instances they bring little or nothing to the site and are often surfing other sites or performing other tasks rather than their job. Often they are ill informed about their product and can be quite power hungry because they get to type in CAPS!

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Disgruntled Bingo Scotland Players

Friday, Oct. 14th 2011 7:07 AM

If you’re a fan of the Cashcade bingo brands then you are probably well aware that recently some of the better standalone brands from this group have made the move to becoming part of the bigger Cashcade network. ITV Bingo, Rollover Bingo, Mirror Bingo and Bingo Scotland all recently joined the network that includes brands like We Luv Bingo and Graces Bingo. However this move does not appear to have been greatly received by players at Bingo Scotland!

Now it may be the case that ITV, Mirror and Rollover players are also pretty disgruntled at the changes but these brands don’t offer a platform to “vent your spleen” on – Bingo Scotland has a forum for its members and many have been quite vocal (albeit through type) in their displeasure of the changes.

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