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Saturday Night Takeaway Bingo At 32Red

Friday, Dec. 1st 2017 7:35 AM

There are many TV themed bingo rooms available to play online today, the majority of which seem to be at the big named brands like Gala and Mecca Bingo. However, whilst 32Red Bingo may not be on a par with the two giants, they now have their own TV themed bingo room.

In March of this year, 32Red launched their exclusive slot game based on the popular Saturday night show hosted by Ant and Dec. However, it wasn’t until last month that we saw the bingo version launched. Funnily enough, this was previously an exclusive deal with Gala Bingo. Even the themed promotion that the site is offering looks quite similar…

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Foxy Fives Lands At Foxy Bingo

Sunday, May. 1st 2016 7:27 AM

If you play at 888Ladies or just read the news at a variety of different portals online, then you will know that a new game has been introduced to the 888 / Cassava software. At 888 Ladies it is called Flash Fives but at Foxy Bingo, it has been named Foxy Fives.

The game itself will look familiar to you if you have ever played Cinco at Tombola or Snap! at Sun Bingo. It’s a card-based game that uses a traditional 52-card deck and to win you have to match five cards from the deck first. There are some subtle differences between the two games that we have mentioned at Foxy Fives at Foxy Bingo, but not anything that are really noticeable.

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Pulse’s Thumping Jackpots Cause A Stir At Tombola

Friday, Aug. 8th 2014 7:18 AM

Tombola Bingo’s latest game, Pulse launched a couple of weeks ago, it’s like bubble bingo and if you’re the first to pop all your bubbles you could pick up the pot. However, you could get more than you bargained for as it seems that the game has been causing quite a stir at the site with over 150 jackpots won so far!

Last week alone over £100,000 in jackpots was paid out in the new game, taking the total jackpot winners since launch to 144. This week so far another £60,000 has been won on the new game at Tombola, and players are flocking to play!

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Tombola Bingo Pirates Game

Monday, Jul. 23rd 2012 7:07 AM

Have you tried the recent addition to the Tombola Bingo portfolio of games called Pirates yet? We have and we love the innovation that we see on a regular basis from this brand. In an online bingo market that often churns our new bingo sites that are just a skin of something we have seen a number of times before, Tombola Bingo continue to whet the players appetite with their constant drive to give us all something new and exciting!

Pirates was launched on July 10th as is already proving popular amongst the players at the site. There are different ticket prices with variable jackpots available for the game at Tombola Bingo and all you have to do is match the symbols called on your treasure map ticket to be a winner.

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Tombola Bingo Introduces Bingo 60

Tuesday, Apr. 17th 2012 5:26 AM

It wasn’t so long ago that we were saying how we hadn’t seen any new games from Tombola Bingo in quite a while and whilst we don’t believe it was our post that kicked Tombola up the bottom to create something new for their players, which is exactly what they have done! Bingo 60 is the new game from this well-known brand and like all of the other games available, it’s innovative and plenty of fun.

There are four different ticket prices on offer in Bingo 60 at Tombola; 25p, 50p, £1 and £2. For this you get five different chances to win a prize on the new game and we have to say, we had a lot of fun playing (although no wins on our first visit).

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